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Aug 21, 2008 05:27 PM

1st visit to fratteli lyon

i heard this is a very good place to enjoy antipasti and well priced wines. will report back later

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  1. well here is my report from fratteli.the restaurant itself is pretty small,minimal design,inside a mini shopping center.made a reservation around 9:30 the place was pretty packed hosstess sat us down gave us menus .they also have a miami spice menu.but at these prices we decided to go a la carte . we tried the antipasti misti which you get to choose 5 appetizer items from the fish and salad section for 25$ .the tuna with beans was outstanding,as was the poached octopus with fava beans very concentrated flavors it lacked acidity,but with a little bit of lemon on the side it was just perfect, pickeled red peppers were pretty standard,edamame beans in olive oil and lemon and shaved parnesan reggiano on top was outstanding.the only fallout dish were the musseles served cold very bland very we did another tuna appetizer this time a la carte portion and to items from the salumi section ( sopressatta and prosciutto ) both very thinly sliced and served on a wood plank board very nice perfect food to munch on will drinking very affordable wine,which is the other sucsess about this restaurant. they have a nice wine by the glass selection ,then they have quarter of carafs, half bottles as well. which gives the custumer a broad selection in wines without hurting the pocket as much. however all the wines are italian both red and white .last we did three selections of cheese one was from goats milk and the other 2 were cows milk i dont recall the names. all three outstanding... and now we move on to the service..............................................wait a minute did i say service ??? that must be a joke lol. .. ive had more personal intimate service at a mcdonalds drive thru talking into a mechanical box. now i know this is not fine dinning .but even the basic steps of sevice in a restaurant were missing. the waiter ,which name i will not reveal for his own sake . was the poorest server i had in a very long time,except for cheesecake factory.from the moment we sat down his only goal was to give us the check so we can pay and get the f out... daily specials couldnt tell you .. whats the house specialty, most popular dish , reccomendations from the waiter ,only god knows the answer to that question. pouring the costumers wine , yeah good luck buddy i have 2 hands dont I ???? the only interaction i had with the server was for him to tell me give me your complete order now because the kitchen was very busy and the place would be closing in an hour and a half.....nice to meet you too my friend...i couldnt believe what was going on. at one point i felt like getting up ripping 2 wires out of the electrical box which is right in the middle of the dinning room ,and proceed to give the waiter an electrical shock therapy, at the faint possibility he might snap out of the catatonic state he was in.however i came to my senses and realized that this is just how the flow of the restaurant is, no attention to detail at 10:45 i decided we wanted to split a rissoto with my wife...oh yeah !!!!!! not in this lifetime my friend. kitchen is closed. it would have been nice if he would stop by at least once by the table to tell me that ..even though my review of the service is scathing. i still will go back to eat here again . yes the antipasti is that good. the next time ill know what to expect. i highly reccomend this place for people who like true mediterenean style of cooking ,with the antipasti and the wine.and very affordable prices ,just dont expect good service. at 130 $ for 2 people i didnt get any service