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Chinese groceries/mushrooms online

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Hey everyone,

I'm starting a Chinese cooking binge and am having a hard time finding ingredients in my vicinity (or at least at a reasonable price).

I'm looking for

Dried cloud ears
Dried silver ears
Gao cao? aka Chinese cardamom
Camellia oil
Chinkiang (black vinegar - looking for unsweetened, I can only find sweetened)
Pickled chili paste (is this better than regular chili paste?)
Preserved mustard tuber
Dou bao (dried bean curd sheets, I think it's the same as yuba)

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Try eBay.

    1. Try Quickspice

      1. Amazon.com has lots of stuff we can't find locally. Prices and service are good.

        1. This is an excellent brand. Is this what you might e looking for?