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Aug 21, 2008 04:57 PM

Danielle's Wood Fired Pizza--Valley Village

Just got a flyer in the mail for this place. It's on Laurel Canyon just north of the 101, but I haven't noticed it so I'm assuming it's new. Has anyone tried it?

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    1. It is a pretty humble, take-out pizza joint. The heat that emanates from the wood burning oven is unbearable and there is really no reason dine on premesis.
      They have a bunch of different, gourmet-style pizza choices but IMO the best thing is their pizza-by-the-slice which is reminiscent of a pretty good East Coast slice.

      1. We tried it the other night, good but pricey. The large pizza's (18") average about $21.00, if you get a specialty pizzas. And you definity want to get it to go, very much a mini-mall joint. Little Toni's is a better bang for your buck, but they definitly had some tasty and unusual choices here.