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Aug 21, 2008 04:48 PM

Vegas breakfast pastry--Payard or Bouchon?

Figured I'd throw this out there for some opinions... DH and I are about to embark for Vegas, and for one morning we decided we want to do something simple for breakfast, just some pastries. As far as take-out pastries from places in the Strip area, what would anyone recommend? Right now I'm leaning towards Bouchon or Payard--any thoughts?


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  1. Payard is pretty amazing. That would be my #1 choice for takeout.

    For sitdown however my vote goes to Bouchon.

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    1. re: duck833

      Agree. The almond croissant at Payard was one of the best pastries I've ever had.

    2. I haven't gotten a chance to try Payard but I think the strawberry croissant and lemon raisin scone at Bouchon are really amazing. I have to get them everytime I visit The Venetian. You can get them at Bouchon Bakery on the casino level without meandering through hallways, elevators and bridges to get to the restaurant.

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        I've never been to Payard, either, but can say without a doubt that Keller's Nutter Butter is the kind of cookie that makes you rethink why you've ever even considered eating something of lesser quality. The Chocolate Bouchons, the TKO, the Macaroons......4 weeks and 5 days till Vegas!!

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          I had the Nutter Butter cookie from Bouchon's bakery a few weeks ago. While the thing is huge, the cookies were on the dry side and mostly tasteless. The pb buttercream was the best part - creamy and tasty, and the whole peanuts added a nice crunch. But all in all, I was disappointed and wouldn't get it again.

      2. I've had my share of pastries from them both and the truth is that both places are well worthwhile. One difference is that at the Payard take out counter you can get your pastry and coffee and sit and eat them right there in a nice little area.

        I sometimes like to self park at Bellagio and then cross the pedestrian bridge over to Caeser's just to walk a little and burn a few calories before Payard.

        1. What about the coffee places at Venetian and Bellagio - anything Italian worthwhile on the opposite days of French?

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            the Illy place at the Grand Canal shops at the Venetian, or is it in the connected shops at the Palazzo? had good coffee and things the one time I was there, but we still got our pastries at Bouchon that day to go with the coffee.

            Bellagio has its own place called Palio that has coffee and pastry that is not bad at all. I think there is also a quickie version of Palio near the "Flamingo" entrance there too. Of course the Bellagio also has the Jean-Philippe Patisserie with the chocolate fountain too. But, and I am likely wrong, I think the chef is french.


          2. Well, we ended up eating pastries at Payard the first morning, and I have to say we were both a bit disappointed. I got an apricot danish that was very good, and DH had a plain croissant which was also good, but neither of us was overwhelmed. Also, the service at the takeout counter felt rushed--when we asked what was available (we couldn't see what was in the baskets on the wall behind the counter), the salesperson rattled items off without even looking behind her (and it turned out that one of the ones she mentioned was already sold out). I'd really been hoping for the almond croissant, as I keep hearing about it, but it was not to be. The next morning we decided to go to Bouchon, and were much happier. We got a blueberry croissant (AMAZING!) and a pain du raisin (which we ate the next day, but it was still good).

            I don't know if I'd go out of my way to Payard, but I'd go back to Bouchon in a second....

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            1. re: beingreen

              Shame they were out of the Almond croissant - that and the chocolate raspberry tart are my favorites at Payard. Although I do like their chocolate croissant as well.

              Glad you also made it to Bouchon and enjoyed their pastry.