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Aug 21, 2008 03:43 PM

Breakfast at/near Seattle Center

Are there any good breakfast spots near the Seattle Center, say within 2 to 3 blocks in any direction?

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  1. The Shanty served a comfort food breakfast. It's been around forever and isn't fancy by a long shot.

    13 Coins is another predictable but good breakfast spot near the Center. Try the Chef's Counter w/high backed seating.

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        Are these places open for breakfast on a weekday?

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            Yes, of course. Both the Shanty and 13 Coins serve b-fast daily.

        1. CJ's Cafe on 1st and Vine's pretty nice for breakfast.

          1. Peso's on lower Queen Anne has a killer SW/Mex breakfast everyday. Good bloody marys too.

            1. Just North of the Space Needle, on the corner of 5th and Cedar, a hair past Denny, is five point Cafe at 415 Cedar St. It definitely qualifies as a dive, but the kitchen has been satisfying hung-over tourists for decades. It is close by, cheap, and caloric, and some days that's all that is needed. Five or ten blocks South is Top Pot Doughnuts, and if you've got that far, go for the Pike Place Market (search for TONS of recs). On the way is Lola and in the Market blocks, Cafe Campagne - a classy knockout.

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                > Just North of the Space Needle,

                Though directions are a little distorted around the Space Needle, I beleive 5th and Cedar is mostly south of the Space Needle.