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Aug 21, 2008 03:33 PM

Fresh-carved cold turkey sandwich?

I am craving the turkey sandwiches they served by the Beverly Hills Hotel pool when I was a wee child, with freshly-carved turkey, mayo and good-quality white bread. Since I'm not willing to experiment at the Polo Lounge, where can I get a sandwich made with freshly-carved turkey, or just buy the turkey to make it myself? That slimy pre-formed turkey with nitrates kind of grosses me out, so I almost never order turkey sandwiches. (LA metro area, as far west as Beverly Hills and as far east as Pasadena preferred).

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  1. Tam O'Shanter sandwich bar...but I don't think the turkey is cold.

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    1. re: monku

      Its carved off a warm turkey, but its not really hot. I've seen people get some of the turkey meat for takeout. So you could take it home and make a sandwich.

      The turkey is really good.

    2. Don't throw stones ... but Gelson's can make you a hand carved cold turkey sammie.

      I'm pretty sure Marie Calendar's also has a cold turkey sandwiched, carved from a whole bird. Again, don't throw stones.

      Lastly, a bit out of your geographical range, but Peppertree Cafe in Glendora does a pretty good cold hand carved cold turkey sandwich (but it comes with avocado, however). Bonus about driving out to Peppertree Cafe? You're that much closer to Donut Man!

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Agree about Gelson's. Their carving carts to do a very creditable turkey sandwich. (And an excellent prime rib sandwich as well.)

      2. "Cold" is in the title of the post, but I think it just refers to the type of sandwich -- yes: mayo and white bread, no: open-faced with gravy -- rather than to the actual temperature of the turkey. I completely agree, there is little so good as a cooked, carved turkey made into a sandwich. I personally like the turkey to still be a bit warm, but that has only to do with how long the turkey's been out of the oven. Best one I've had recently was from Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks. I await more responses, love the question.

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        1. re: la tache burger

          Thanks, I remembered that Whole Foods does have a carvery. I may have to hit the Pasadena one tonight. I agree it's good a bit warm.

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            To la tache burger: You had prepared poultry from Whole Foods that wasn't dried-out? Unheard of at the Whole Foods stores I frequent around Southern California. Was this a one-time gift from the gods, or is the Sherman Oaks store mo' better?

            To ipsedixit: In Glendora, "you're that much closer to Donut Man!" A critical, critical consideration!

            P.S. The best cold-turkey sandwich I've had within 300 miles of Los Angeles is at the Capprioti's Sandwich Shop chain all over Las Vegas, which is even further out than Glendora. Their "Bobbie" sandwich is made from homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo, and it can be very good when the kid behind the counter woke up liking life that day. If you're not big on cranberry sauce and stuffing, they have many other turkey subs on the menu.

            1. re: sbritchky

              Yeah, extremely juicy turkey at Whole Foods Sherman Oaks. No idea how or why and not a lot of other WF experiences to compare it to. I'd been craving it all day and it was perfect.

              1. re: la tache burger

                I will try it and then say to the guys in Pasadena and elsewhere, "Hey, how come you don' have no juicy turkey like in Sherman Oaks?" This could be a breakthrough.

          2. Lawry's Carvery in Century City

            Santa Anita Racetrack-hand carved turkey sandwiches.

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            1. re: monku

              The last time we were at Santa Anita, which was my first, I placed a $20 bet on a long shot - first bet ever on a horse - and won $300. I decided to be a good guy and buy lunch for all my friends. Anyway, we went the the carvery/sandwich bar and most if not all of us ordered either roast beef or ham. The one guy who ordered turkey got violently ill within a few hours.

              I remember my roast beef sandwich with horseradish mayo as being pretty tasty though.

              1. re: monku

                I got so wound up on this that I drove over to Lawry's Carvery last night -- in Costa Mesa, not Century City -- and tried their barbecued brisket sandwich. It didn't taste anything like the great turkey sandwiches I had after Thanksgiving last year! ;-)

                Well, I couldn't resist, and it was very good -- tender, flavorful brisket, good Yankee-urban bbq sauce, and a very nice onion roll. (Infinitely better than anything I've had at the revised Gus's in South Pas, by the way.) I was happy to see homemade chips with the sandwich and homemade croutons on my side of Caesar salad but disappointed in the hard texture of both. Maybe that was anomalous, but I'll go back anyway for the good sandwich and may even try turkey next time.

              2. astros on fletcher in silverlake.
                jerry's deli in studio city.