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Aug 21, 2008 02:00 PM

Broccolli stems

It's fresh broccolli from the farm stands any rec's to what to do with the stems other than chop and steam with the crowns? How about in the juicer ? Thanks

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  1. Makes a good slaw. Make cream of broccoli soup.

    1. Broccoli stems are surprisingly versatile... I've julienned them into thin strips and stuffed them into dumplings, pickled them, and simply cut them up for crudites where they blend in well with carrot and celery sticks. It's easy to be creative with such mild-flavored crunchy bits. I do think that juicing them is a very creative idea. I am very curious to know how it would taste in the juicer. (I imagine it would probably taste really good with apple slices mixed in). Do post an update if you do that

      1. slice the stems at an angle and use in stir fry

        1. Brocoli is two wonderful vegetables : fleurettes and stalks. I think I like the stalks better, and when serving them, I've had guests ask what that wonderful vegetable was.

          Peel the stalks, the either slice or cut them into sticks or cubes, or even use them whole. Steamed or poached, they're nice. Sauteed in oil with garlic. Diced in pasta sauce. They go nicely in soups. My favorite might be poached then tossed with brown butter.

          1. I thnk broccolli stems are gold. I peel them and eat them raw. I give my dog the pieces that are too hard to peel. She loves them more than chicken liver!

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              I like them plain too...I'll bet they'd be a good dipper for hummus...must try.

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                We have a cat who used to go nuts whenever I'd steam broccoli, because while she was strangely drawn to greens of any kind, broccoli stems were her favorites. Her response was that of a normal cat (if there is such a thing!) to the sound of a can opener, and she'd make a real nuisance of herself while I pulled out and peeled a cooked stem, cut her off a good lengthwise slice, waved it around to cool it off enough - this made her really crazy - and then gave it to her. Then she spent a couple of years on a severely restricted diet, and came out of it no longer veggie in any way, only about as nutty as any cat. I kinda miss it...