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Aug 21, 2008 02:00 PM

Danbury -- what are the best 3-5 things to eat?

Staying in the Danbury area for a wedding this weekend. Dinners are covered each night by events, but we have a couple breakfasts and lunches free. And of course drinks and snacks.

I live in NYC but have never been in the area. (A quick search provided some dinner options but not really the kind of intel I'm needing.) Much obliged for any tips.

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  1. I'm going to reply to my own post b/c I saw the Jim Leff post from 2000.

    Is the Hungarian place still going strong?

    Would love any recs for:

    -- Mexican
    -- Brasilian / other Latin
    -- Middle Eastern
    -- Asian
    -- Pizza
    -- Italian
    -- Ice cream

    Basically anything great we can reasonably eat for breakfast, lunch, or quick snacks.

    Many thanks (again)!

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    1. re: Jack Barber

      I love the food at Hanna on Lake Ave in Danbury. Middle Eastern. The room is boring, but the food is good and a bargain.

    2. I moved from there 3 years ago but some of the memorable places for me:

      Pizza: I may be the only one you hear mention it but I loved the hidden gem of John's Pizza on Rt 37 (Padnaram Rd). Best NY style pizza in the area and better than any of the pizza I've found here in Westchester. The sauce was quality. But if you're from NYC you probably don't need to go there though. :-)

      Wings: TK's on White Street. Good place, great selection of flavors for the wings.

      Burgers etc: Sycamore in nearby Bethel CT is a great spot... really good burgers cooked in a unique french style. Homemade root beer. 50's decor, actual drive-in.

      Cafe: O'Neills Sandwich and Coffee Bar also in Bethel is definitely hi-quality for breakfast or lunch. Good soups, sandwiches.

      Unless things have changed Mexican is iffy over there. We had one place we liked - El Bandito on Center Street but it was in the middle of a very shady block and seldom had customers. Great Guacamole though!

      There are some Brazilian and other latin restaurants around but unfortunately I never never really got familiar.

      There was a pretty good Indian place up rt 37, also sushi yoshi had very good sushi years back but cant vouch for it if it's still around? There was also a decent chinese/japanese place in a shopping center near the danbury mall. Rosy Tomorrows on Mill Plain Rd has some good stuff but definitely not a model of consistency. Cute, lively place though. Another cute sometimes good, but not bankable place was Sesame Seed on Wooster.. a small, kind of middle eastern influenced eclectic.

      1. You're not going to be around too long so you need efficiency!

        To that end, for one-stop shopping for Pizza and Ice Cream you NEED to go to the Soho Pie Company and its neighbor, Dubl Twister. They've been discussed, and loved, here:

        The only Mexican I've ever had in the area was Pancho & Gringo in Brookfield (779 Federal Rd), but it's nothing special.

        The Windmill Diner (14 Mill Plain Rd) is a good spot for breakfast.

        I'd only recommend Rosy Tomorrow's if you're willing to sit at the bar. The barkeeps are great, and much more reliable than the table staff.

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        1. re: Zobot

          agree on pancho & gringo but windmill diner is also nothing special.

          o'neils (sorry about the original post - it's just one l) is a better breakfast/lunch spot with more character and better food. but if if it's out of your way then probably any diner will do.

          i do suggest stopping at the sycamore if you can though. hell just typing the name makes me want some of that root beer.

        2. They Sycamore is a must - very few places like this -
          and real malted milk shakes, too. Root beer floats - just amazing.
          There used to be a mexican place right across from the Danbury courthouse - was terrific but can't remember the name - authentic - and hard to read the menu.
          Hanna's is terrific - Great Lebanese food - not a large menu but everything is great. You can also pick up Israeli couscous, all kinds of flours and canned and bottled goods for a song.
          Ridgefield has better lunch places than Danbury, I think, but Rosy's (food is like a Bennigan's kind of place and way too salty) and Molly Darcy's(Irish food - sort of) - both on Mill Plain Road - have outdoor tables and the weather is supposed to be good.
          If you get to Ridgefield, check out Luc's( great French bistro food), Caputo'sEast Ridge Cafe (good burger, salads, pastas), The Tavern (at The Elms) for lunch - all three very different from each other - and all three have outdoor dining.
          Have fun --