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Aug 21, 2008 01:49 PM

Near Newark Airport -- Something to Bring on the Plane

Rather than live with airplane food for a 10 hour flight (leaving at lunchtime), I was thinking of stopping somewhere near the airport first to pick up a bag lunch. Any place worth the effort? Doesn't have to be a sandwich, but finger food helps (empanada/calzone, etc. would be OK).

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  1. I would assume that you are going international since you are traveling 10 hours and therefore going out of terminal C. They have a lot of food options in the airport now including Gallagher's Steak House and Caliente Cab (NYC mex place) among many other places. Check out this link for more info:

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      Terminal C has to be one of the best terminals in the entire country for airport food. The Jersey Diner has good stuff if you want sandwiches and such, theres also a portuguese place in the food court area. I havent tried the Gallaghers.

    2. I haven't flown on a long trip in awhile, but one thing I think is worth bringing up, you don't want to bring anything that has a strong smell. I.E. I love garlic you may too, but the person sitting next or across the isle might not.