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Aug 21, 2008 01:40 PM

rehearsal dinner recs

looking for any recommendations on where I can throw a rehearsal dinner on a thursday night in November. Would prefer a place with its own private room so that I wouldn't have to rent out the whole restaurant. Santa Monica, Beverly Center area or Beverly Hills ok. Room for about 50 people. Italien or French would work. Looking for a Fish and pasta menu.

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  1. Maybe check out Upstairs 2? They could probably customize a menu for you.

    1. try the patio at Domincks. Great ambiance, fish and pasta are the best things on the menu

      1. I agree with Obsessed. Upstairs 2 catered my party recently and they were fantastic and easy to work with (plus they have plenty of free parking - in LA!!!). I believe they have room for 50 at their restaurant. Oh! I would suggest the mushroom-crusted halibut if you want fish on your menu.