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Aug 21, 2008 01:30 PM

Looking for Great Dessert, Great Selection

It's my sister's birthday, and she wants to go out for dessert. What she'd most like is to order several selections and make a meal out of it.

Any suggestions for places that have a good selection of great desserts? We'd prefer downtown LA, but will drive for the best!

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  1. I believe both Providence and Water Grill have dessert tasting menus. Others will know better. I love dessert, but not like that.

    I think LA Mill might have a dessert tasting menu too, but I'm really hating them because the place is filthy and the service is horrible.

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    1. re: slacker

      Isn't LA Mill's dessert tasting menu by Adrian Vazquez the same one he does at Providence?

      1. re: Diana

        don't know, since I don't do dessert tastings. But that's like saying the food is by Cimarusti, which it is, but just the menu creation. Any comparison ends there.

        1. re: slacker

          no, I'm pretty sure the desserts are designed by ADrain, and probably put out by the same chef. You know, at Providence, they have a whole team. Micheal and Adrian don't cook absolutely everything/

          1. re: Diana

            No, I'm pretty sure they were paid a consulting fee and created the menus, then went back to providence.

    2. Wolfgang Puck is the premier restaurateur in L.A., Spago is his flagship. Sherry Yard is the most renowned pastry chef around, was part of his team when he competed on Iron Chef, and is headquartered at Spago. Topnotch professional service, gorgeous room and patio, an excellent probability of seeing some notables. No reason not to try Spago Beverly Hills.

      1. last week, i took my daughter and 2 of her friends to b-day dinner downtown and afterwards, took them to Ciudad for dessert only - we ordered 5 desserts - they were all very good, surprisingly the two highlights were the brownie sundae and the banana bread pudding

        1. Susina Bakery on Beverly Blvd., just west of LaBrea.

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            Susina is okay, but nothing special. I'd vote for the deserts at the London. All excellent.

          2. Had a delicious peanut butter cup dessert at Craft last year. Here's the link to their dessert menu:

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            1. re: Snoopy

              Had some great donuts at Craft, far better than the ones at Grace.