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Aug 21, 2008 01:24 PM

Mengrai Thai

Vorpal is so passionate about Thai food, that we decided to take his advice and try Mengrai Thai.
We had about given up on Thai in Toronto, with the exception of an occasional trip to Linda's.
Authentic is not the holy grail for me, but rather the flavour, and enjoyment of the meal.
Our second favourite restaurant in Bangkok is Thai-Australian fusion.
To me the most important part of Thai cooking is very fresh herbs, and freshly ground spices.
The flavours at Mengrai were very clean .
We could taste the individual spices and herbs, much like a good Indian curry when prepared properly.
We ordered off the Sasi menu, and our server Donovan, suggested that we order from the summerlicious menu, as everything we ordered was on it, and it would cost less.
Portions were the same size.
The pumpkin soup with fried morning glory was delicious, but when I asked about the morning glory, he told me that that was just the name used, but it was more of a spinich fritter.
It was delightfully light and airy.
Our favourite main was the Fillet of Striped Sea Bass in a Tamarind coconut sauce.
The Red Curry Chicken with Lychee and Pineapple was also good, but the chicken was perhaps a little overcooked.
The comfort level and service were both more than we had expected, and Donovan, who covered all of the tables in the filled room was dynamite.
He was super nice, and never cloyingly so, but most important , really seemed to care.
We asked for the wine to be super cold, and while he was chilling it further, he brought us a glass of white to keep us going.
We would return.
Thanks Vorpal.

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  1. I was at Mengrai Thai a couple of weeks ago and was fantastic. We had the 5 (?) course set menu and everything was superb. It was busy but service was excellent.

    1. Glad that you liked it! And I must extend credit to Googs for bringing this place to my attention.

      With regards to the morning glory, did he use the term "water spinach"? Because the plant used is actually a member of the morning glory family that's aquatic, so it's a little different than what you think of when you think morning glory - and also goes by the names water spinach and swamp cabbage. It's commonly sold at Chinatown and lends itself well to a number of different applications.

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      1. re: vorpal

        It was water spinach, which is still not a morning glory.
        Bit of a disappointment, but no big deal.

        1. re: erly

          I don't want to nitpick, and I'm not fully sure that I'm right, but I feel fairly certain that water spinach is in the Ipomoea genus (which is the genus of whom most members are morning glories) and is actually called water morning glory. Hence, I'm not sure if it's an "official" morning glory, but my guess (as a non biologist) would be yes, and it certainly has similar flowers.

          1. re: vorpal

            as I have said, no big deal.
            Usually in Thailand when a menu item is listed with Morning Glory, it is the blossom, so some, including myself, just presume.
            I did ask in advance, so I wasn't expecting the flower.