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Aug 21, 2008 01:09 PM

Cipolla Rossa on First Ave. / 91st St.

I just passed this; well priced, interesing Tuscan food (wild boar meatloaf, fried asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, long panini menu including one with suckling pig, broccoli rabe, and mozzerella) that got a 24 in the 2007 Zagat. Doesn't seem to be any mention of it on the board, and no entry on menupages. I'm going to try it, but has anyone been / heard anything about it?

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      I'm pretty certain carcrash knows about the other thread as s/he is the person who started it....

    2. Ok everyone. My wife and I just got back from eating at this restaurant and here is my review. Run, don't walk to this place. We were in Tuscany 2 years ago and this is EXACTLY like being there. We started out with the calamari. It was the best I've ever had. It's whole calamari and it's grilled not fried. It was tender and tasted great. My wife had the mistcanza salad and the ingredients were fresh and high quality with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing that was perfect. For an entree I had the wild boar chop. It was a special and it was a double chop. Again it was delicious. My wife had the mussels and clams. She loved it. It's BYOB if you like but they will give you a complimentary glass of wine if you want. My wife's was filled a second time after she emptied it. And it's good wine. If it sounds like I'm raving, well I am. The chef is from Florence and he knows what he's doing. The only down side is that there is seating for only about 12 people. Takeout is a big part of their business. If you have been to Tuscany and eat here, tell me I'm wrong about this being authentic. I predict that it's going to be very hard to get into this place once word gets out. Ok folks, strike this review from your memory.

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