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Aug 21, 2008 12:48 PM

Truro area

Heading down to Truro for Labor Day and the week after, and am looking for recommendations (or "avoids").

We're considering the following:
In Truro: Terra Luna, Blue Fish (not sure if this is the right name), Adrian's
In Wellfleet: Wicked Oyster, Mac's Seafood

Comments on any of these? Any others that I should consider?

Also, since we'll be staying in a house, any recommendations for buying groceries? My understanding is that the closest supermarket is in Orleans, and we'll stop there on the way, but would love to have closer options, especially for veggies.

Thanks to all who respond!

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  1. I just did a report on this area a few days ago as I spent a week in Wellfleet. I did not get there, but reports on Black Fish (not Blue Fish) are that it is excellent. We had a great meal at Victor's in P-Town, only about a 15 minute ride from Truro. Both Wicked Oyster and Mac's Seafood, I hear are good choices but definitely need reservations for Wicked Oyster, Victor's or Black Fish. Mac's is all take-out at the Wellfleet Pier, you order outside at the counter and then there are benches by the pier to eat at. The Beachcomber in Wellfleet is a lively, fun place to go at Cahoon Hollow Beach with pretty good seafood. You can pick up fresh vegetables, breads, etc at Hatch's Seafood in Wellfleet Center, they also have very fresh fish and will steam your lobsters if you want lobster at home but don't want to cook. As far as the closest supermarket to Truro, there is one in P-Town which would be closer than Orleans but you should hit the one in Orleans (Stop and Shop) on your way. In addition, there is a small market in Wellfleet Center.

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      Thanks, bakerboyz. I just checked your post about Wellfleet. Thanks also for setting me straight on Black (not blue) Fish. Sounds like there are lots of great options. Do you remember how much Hatch's charges for the steamed lobster?

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        Lobster prices for 2 lb lobster, I believe was $9.99 per lb; 3 lb was $8.99 lb; they then only charge 10 cents per lb to steam them. My steamed 2 1/4 lb lobster steamed came to about $23.

    2. We were just in Wellfleet, and ate at the Wicked Oyster for Saturday brunch (very good) and at Black Fish in Truro for dinner (excellent). I'd recommend both very highly, and would suggest you get reservations at either or both as soon as possible. Winslow's Tavern, right in Wellfleet Center is a great choice for an early dinner outside, run by the same people as Moby Dick's. I'd recommend to stick with the simpler choices, but it's a lovely spot to sit, and reasonably priced.

      There are a couple of small farm stands on Rte. 6 for vegetables, and excellent sweet corn this time of year. And don't forget the Friendly Fisherman in Eastham for great lobster rolls and fried stuff. It's BYOB, too.

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        BYOB is always attractive. Thanks for the tip.

      2. We go to Truro every summer for a week. We just went to Adrian's for breakfast for the first time this year and will go back for the food, staff and view. Nothing fancy but good eggs benedict and omelets. Wellfleet is a few miles out so you might want to drive to Ptown to the Grand Union for groceries and fill in at Dutra's Market in No Truro (great burger for the grille) and there is a group of stores on Rte 6 next to Corn Hill sign that has fresh veg, a liquor store and a very good fish market. Try to avoid Jam's unless you are into paying double. We like PJ's and the Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet but got stiffed with some very old corn that the Wellfleet Market was selling and won't go back.

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          Thanks for your comments on Adrian's--we have mutual friends, and though we feel no obligation to go to his restaurant, it's nice to hear something positive. I hadn't realized that there's a Grand Union in Ptown--we'll be bringing a fair amount of stuff from home, so maybe we can skip the stop in Orleans.