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Aug 21, 2008 12:34 PM

Non-veggie soy suggestions?

I'm participating in a medical study, and am in the "high soy" group, which means I need to eat at least two servings of soy products per day for six months - a *lot* of soy. Most recipes using soy are aimed at vegetarians and lactose-intolerant folk, and I'm neither. Does anyone have any suggestions for interesting, tasty recipes that combine soy (tofu, soy milk, etc) with meat and dairy? I know I can chuck tofu into a regular stir-fry, but I'm looking for something a bit more inspired.

Thanks for any ideas!


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  1. There is always this recipe from Top Chef:

    I think almost any asian stir fry could include tofu combined with meat. In this same vein [culturally]; hot and sour soup has a meat broth with tofu. My sister has soy milk with her morning cereal and uses something called XXXX Balance instead of butter.

    You could sneak tofu into mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower. Haven't tried it, but mac and cheese with soy milk in the bechamel sauce?

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      Oooh, that Top Chef recipe looks like fun. Have you tried it?

    2. how about edamame stir fried with bacon or pancetta? or just by themselves. Some times I throw the beans into pasta too, like a oil and garlic one or even carbonera.

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        Sadly, the study has said that edamame and miso don't count, because of the relatively low level of isoflavones (apparently). Pity, as I could eat edamame all day long. Thanks for the thought, though!

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          Sorry about the edamame....I just remembered a show on food network Chef at Large. Michael Smith made chocolate mousse using silken tofu. Soy for dessert anyone?

      2. A snack of edamame could count as one serving. You could also toss them into a veggie medley as a side to your protein entree.

        As I don't cook with dairy too often to begin with, I'm not sure how to incorporate soy milk into your routine aside from the already mentioned cereal. Most soy milks are flavored, but there is a plain, unsweetened version. Depending on what you want to use it for, make sure you get the right kind. You definitely don't want to make mac 'n cheese with sweetened vanilla soy milk.

        You could do a tofu scramble for breakfast (crumbled tofu in place of the eggs, or even mixed with eggs).

        Firm tofu that's been pressed (to drain excess liquid) grills up very nicely and absorbs marinades perfectly. I know you're not a vegetarian, but it can't hurt to sub it in for meat once in a while.

        My mom used to make a dish with ground pork and tofu - pan fry the pork and add cubes of firm tofu with green onions. Add some oyster sauce and serve over rice. There's also a Chinese dish called mapo tofu that's similar, but I think more spicy.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! I'm certainly not against veggie meals. It's just that almost all the soy recipes out there are vegan or vegetarian, and I was wondering if Chowhounds knew of any great meat-soy combos. Mapo tofu is an excellent start, thanks.

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            leanneabe, my mom used to make the same ground pork and tofu dish, I think. This recipe looks like it follows roughly the same steps she used:


            Honestly, kbinsted, you can add tofu to pretty much any regular stirfry that includes meat. Think of it as egg -- just another protein source that goes in alongside whatever else is there.

            You can make tofu "jerky" by slowly drying out slices in the oven at low heat and brushing periodically with a mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar, five spice, and finely minced garlic (optional). It doesn't have to get rock hard -- I prefer it with a little bit of moisture, actually. Slice it further and add to stirfries, along with any non-veggie protein you use. Or just eat it straight as a snack.

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              Ah -- this one is really great! Spicy pork with pressed bean curd:


              (the recipe is near the middle of the page)

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              I do a "Greek Tofu Scramble"- I press 1/3 of a block of extra-firm tofu to get the water out, then crumble it. In a frying pan I sautee that tofu in olive oil, along with roasted red pepper strips (I roast them myself but you could do canned), chopped (cherry) tomatoes and frozen spinach. While it's on the heat I scramble one egg and add in some herbs- usually oregano, rosemary and black pepper. Once the veggies and tofu are heated through, I pour the egg mix on top and then mix everything so that the egg coats as much as it can. To serve, I put the egg/tofu/veggie mix on a plate, top it with crumbled feta cheese and then squeeze a lemon wedge over the whole thing.

            3. What about using silken tofu or soy milk to make a smoothie? This would be easy to have for breakfast and would taste good. Also, thin slices of tofu could be added to a lasagna (use meat sauce). I believe I have heard of a meatloaf with tofu added to reduce the fat as well. Good luck!

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                I do the soy milk smoothie a lot. Banana, frozen blueberries, soymilk and a little o.j.

              2. You can crumble it and add it to a marinara sauce with other ground meat. I also love mapo tofu with ground pork, chicken, or turkey and tofu, secretly made with the House brand sauce too. Tofu crumbled into to other meaty dishes like chorizo and eggs, enchiladas, chili, etc might work, anywhere that you have a full flavored sauce and ground meat or sausage. I've also heard of people blending it and adding it to quiche and other egg based recipes.