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Aug 21, 2008 12:27 PM

Chocolates as wedding favours

I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations for chocolatiers that have chocolate wedding favours. I know Godiva has the two pieces in a box for $4.00. But does anyone know of another place in GTA that does the same thing (but maybe a bit cheaper? but still good quality!) (is that even possible??). Any suggestions!? Thanks!

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  1. I just did it myself - Dessert Lady - 2 truffles - it was under $3 - people raved about how delicious they were.

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      My SO got me some chocolates from Chocolate Messenger once. Their wedding selection can be found here:

      They have two locations - one on Bayview and the other at St Lawrence Market. I personally enjoyed their truffles, but sample them and let me know how you like them. I last had them about 3 years ago - so I'm not sure if they've changed.

      Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate is another option in Yorkville. It's pricey though.

      Cheers and Happy Eating

    2. Belgian Chocolate Shop does it. JS Bonbons did ours, but they are of course closed now. Really I think you will find *most* chocolate shops in the city will do this.

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        Stubbe Chocolate on Davenport at Christie has amazing chocolate and can do anything....Miranda

      2. You can try Stubbe Chocolates on Dupont (at Christie). They have the Ballontine boxes of 2 truffles per box at $3.50. I'm quite partial to their dark chocolate special truffle.

        1. Laura Secord has them, but I don't know if you would consider their chocolates to be good quality, as everyone's tastes here are very different, and I always try to respect that. How about the Lindt Chocolate Factory outlet store on Finch/Markham Road in Scarborough?

          1. Thank you for all your suggestions! Now comes the "hard" part.. we have to sample before choosing!!

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              Good luck! I'd like to hear which one you decided was the best tasting, as well as the best bang for the buck. All the best and congratulations.

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                please do yourself a favour: go to Soma at the distillery district.
                their truffles are an excellent way to say thank you AND their flavours really allow you to customize your mini packs for each guest.
                its probably pricier than Godiva, but, in my opinion, its 5xmore tasty.