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Aug 21, 2008 12:20 PM

MSP - Bali Restaurant on Nicollet?

I saw an ad in today's (8/21) City Pages; all it says is "Coming soon to Eat Street - Bali".

Does anyone have any info?

The ad is on page 34...

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  1. I was wondering in anybody's been to Bali and has any comments. I am thinking about booking an event there and was looking for feedback.

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    1. re: spunky_monkey

      And an earlier review by him when they first opened.

      Jeremy thinks very highly of Tries, the owner. I think you could probably work out something really good, like a rijsttafel type of thing. A rijsttafel is the Dutch Indonesian equivalent of the Indian thali combination meal. There's the rice of course, as the name implies, and small-plate samples of meat and vegetable dishes to go with the rice.

      Here's the wiki description:

      I'm jealous of their trip to Singapore. Food-wise, it's one of my fave places on the planet. Last time we got back from SIN, we were craving the food experience, so we went to Peninsula on Eat Street (Bali wasn't open yet). Who do we run into? Jeremy and Carol! A good time was had by all.