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Aug 21, 2008 11:43 AM

Surfside in Glover Park?

Anyone tried it yet? What did you think?

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  1. I live in Glover Park and was thrilled to see the folks who run my favorite sandwich joint - Jetties - open up a Mex/Seafood place a block from my house. I have eaten here about five times and have been generally happy with the food. The fish tacos are fresh and flavorful and the guacamole has a nice zing. The steak has been overcooked on two occasions, but overall the food is way better than similar places around town. A few warnings though, some of their food handling policies are a bit suspect. On one occasion I went with a friend who is allergic to shellfish. She noticed that the limes used for all dishes were stored with shrimp. When she pointed this out, the cashier did not seem very concerned. On another occasion I bit into a burrito and realized I had a mouth full of cucumbers (which I am allergic to). There was no mention of their inclusion in the dish on the menu, and when I took my plate back to the manager on duty and noted that I was allergic to this un-announced ingredient, she shrugged her shoulders and told me if I wanted something else I would have to pay for it again. I was stunned. (FYI, female, about 23, brown hair, look of distain). Thankfully, one of the cooks heard me and offered to make me another one. Alas, this one had even more cucumbers on it - 15 long four inch strips - and I had to send it back a second time. The third time they got it right and it was delicious. So, if you have any food allergies, be very careful here! If you love good fish tacos and are unencumbered by such medical limitations, run, don't walk to Surfside!

    PS - stop in for ice cream at Max's right down the street. He makes it on the premises and his Oreo Cookies and Vanilla is sublime!

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      I work near there and thought about checking it out, but that manager you mention sounds like a good reason to give it a pass. The idea that the customer is an inconvenience for the staff doesn't exactly make me want to give them money.

    2. I've been here numerous times and it's always surprisingly delicious. Very fresh and not greasy and overflowing with cheese like most Mexican meals. There is definitely cheese but it's the right amount and the seafood/meat ration is amazing. The fish tacos are delicious as are any of the quesadillas. The guac is perfect and comes with a generous helping of chips. Also the main dishes such as any of the fish and the main course with shrimp is great. Everything comes with rice and a fun twist like mango salsa or some kind of fun curry. The bar in back has a decent bar/beer selection. All in all highly recommend it for a casual night out, very fun with groups and you can get lots of things to share like guac, queso, quesadillas, etc. as well as your own meal.

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        Will add my two cents: Had a great lunch yesterday at Surfside. I had a fish taco, my son had a pork taco, and I preferred the remnants of his, with a sweet spicy thing going on with the salsa and the pork. Both, in short, were excellent, and we look forward to a return trip.