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Aug 21, 2008 11:39 AM

Mexican brunch suggestions

My friends and I are having a hankering for a great mexican brunch. Looking for some suggestions below 14th street. I've heard of and am wondering about Lupe's, Barrio Chino...but would love suggestions. I know Tree offers Huevos Rancheros. Thoughts, insights? much obliged.

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  1. are you looking specifically for huevos ranchos?
    If so there was a post recently about that.

    )Diablo Royale
    189 w 10th st (btwn w 4th & bleecker st)

    Cafe Habana
    17 prince st (@ elizabeth)

    La Esquina
    106 kenmare st (@ lafayette st)

    La Esquina106 kenmare st (@ lafayette st)

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    1. re: kcijones001

      Thanks very much. I was dissappointed with Diablo, cafe habana I have yet to try for brunch but am never dissapointed with dinner, and the la esquinas are fine. thanks for the post

    2. la palapa st mark's is very good and often slept on. huevos tapatios are great w/ pickled red onions, chorizo, avocado and grilled nopales. crema on 17 st has very good chilaquiles.

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      1. re: skrillcakes

        Second La Palapa.
        Had a great dinner at Itzocan Cafe last weekend and am rather curious about the brunch menu too.

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          thanks, excited to try la palapa this weekend.

        2. you can also try dos caminos on houston. they have outdoor seating so if the weather is nice it is a perfect spot for brunch.

          1. I just had a pretty tasty brunch burrito at Maracas, on Greenwich Ave bet. 6th/7th Aves (around 10th St.). They also have huevos rancheros (didn't try) and other Mexican brunch items, along with a few regular items like pancakes, omelettes, and burgers. It was $15 with AYCD and definitely a nice brunch imo.