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Aug 21, 2008 11:28 AM

Westside Restaurant


I need to find a nice steakhouse on the westside that isn't as pricey as Mortons or Ruths Chris. Any suggestions? Any hidden gems?


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  1. http://www.thegalleyrestaurant.net/ or if you just want a place on the westside with a good steak at a fair price try Bandera on the SW corner of Barrington and Wilshire. They have a Rutherford Farm's ribeye and it comes with fries and beefsteak type tomatoes with good sized slices of bleu cheese on top for around $38 or so.

      1. Ah, the elusive high-value, less than tres expensive steak. Sorry, Servorg, you know I read you and respect you but Bandera and Houston's just don't do it for me -- $38 is every bit in the same price range as the big chains, though the former include sides and the chains are a la carte. (Note, however, that both Ruth's Chris and Morton's have had special steak meals for two advertised this summer that included steak, sides, and starters, maybe even a dessert, for just under $100 per couple.) The Galley, for all of its oldtime folksiness and nautical theme is every bit as expensive.

        Petrelli's is indeed a better value, with lower prices and sides and salad included, if I recall correctly. If you go with low enough expectations, it might do. Be aware, however, that while opinions are widely split as to their quality for steaks, it appears well agreed that the best dish at Petrelli's is probably their burger, ground fresh from steak trimmings. As to Billingley's, out of ignorance I suggested it some time ago to a similar query and the feedback was quick and very negative.

        Once again, when it comes to value, I look to perhaps my favorite restaurant on the westside, Nook Bistro. They have a ribeye, maple/mustard glazed with some apples and addictive fried onion strings on the side, for $25, and a hanger steak with frites for $20. In another direction, there was a recent thread about the Brazilian churrascurria on Venice in Culver City, Brasa Brasil, which offers all you want of at least eight cuts of meat plus a cold and warm buffet bar all for $17 at dinner.

        For what it is worth, the clear winners in that previous thread about steak bargains were: Taylor's, in Koreatown, Carlitos Gardel (or something similar -- I've yet to try it), and finally, buying prime meat for less than $10/lb. when on sale at How's Markets (ribeyes or porterhouse) or buying prime or choice tenderloin filet at Costco and grilling at home.

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          Hi Nosh. No worries. I think the Galley will meet the price point and then some, especially when you compare it to either of the places that the OP mentioned as being too rich for this outing. Look below. You can get a complete steak dinner for two WITH a choice of sides AND your choice of sauce for $40, plus tax and tip (Galley Plank Special).

          Despite having given Petrelli's 3 or 4 chances over the years we have never been able to find a good steak there.

          Most Entrées Include Choice of Baked Potato, Garlic Mashed Potatoes,
          Steak Fries, Onion Rings, or Rice. Choice of Broccoli, Asparagus,
          Lightly Creamed Spinach, Canned Corn or Vegetable of the Day
          Peppercorn, Gorgonzola, Szechwan
          Add Sautéed Mushrooms $3 ~ Add Grilled Onions $1
          TOP SIRLOIN (12oz) 24
          GOURMET CULOTTE (12oz) 26
          FILET MIGNON (11oz) 32
          NEW YORK (14oz) 30
          RIB EYE (17oz) 30
          T-BONE (18oz) 26
          JUMBO PORTERHOUSE (22oz) 31

          GALLEY BURGER (½ lb) 100% lean ground beef with steak fries
          Add Cheese $1
          Extra thick top sirloin steak served for two on a platter 40

          1. re: Servorg

            Thanks for the research re: The Galley, Servorg. I haven't been there for several years, and several of those specials seem like pretty good deals. I did enjoy the place -- it has its charm -- but I had a strong memory of it being more expensive than I expected. That jumbo porterhouse looks like the cut to order there, or that plank special.

            What are steaks and prices like at Chez Jay? I know The Arsenal offers what is supposed to be a great burger and probably has a steak on the menu, though a dining companion I respect had a horrid service experience there once. Any other classic westside oldtime bars that have surprisingly good grill meat at bargain prices?

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              I think the Valley is a richer vein to mine than the westside when it comes to places that will fill this particular ore car. I have eaten at Chez Jay a few times over the years, but tend to go with their sand dabs. I used to like their potatoes with the bananas but I think I got a few too many bananas the last time and not enough potatoes and kind of have been adverse to them since. We ate at the Arsenal a little while back but I had the kobe burger, pretty good but not quite as good as I had figured it would be.

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            Since you mentioned buying it, the best steak I've had in the last year was a nice ribeye from Bristol Farms. I used the $5 off coupon from the Entertainment Guide to make it an even better bargain.

          3. My wife had the hanger steak salad at Vinoteque on Sepulveda in Culver City about a month ago. She said the slices of hanger steak were very tasty and would order the hanger steak entree for 16 bucks the next time for dinner. Just her two cents...

            Vinoteque on Melrose
            7469 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046