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Seafood around Hyatt Regency Baltimore?

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Where is a MUST TRY place in the inner harbour? We're only there for the weekend. Any place we have to try before we head out? Thanks!!

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  1. The Inner Harbor is chain central. Steer clear of Phillips. On the far east side of the Inner Harbor is the Black Olive. Haven't been in a long while but search this board for current comments. Also Charleston has some pretty decent seafood dishes on their build-your-own-tasting menu.

    1. if you're in town during the market hours, you MUST try FAIDLEY's in the Lexington Market for lump crabcakes. Order the lump crabcakes, and you won't disappointed. I agree with the other reply, the IH is full of tasteless chain restaurants that deliver a view (maybe) but not much in the way of good eats. If forced to make a decision, I would reluctantly recommend Rusty Scupper or Bo Brooks (Canton).

      Federal Hill has a number of very good restaurants -- away from the tourist traps.

      Bon appetit!

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        I had some of the best cream of crab soup at the Rusty Scupper that I've ever had. WOW. The oysters on the other hand were very disappointing. I actually like the Rusty Scupper. I"ve always had good service there, and the food doesn't suck at all. Sal