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Last Minute Wedding Cake Planning

In the last minute I hav been asked to coordinate the wedding cake for a wedding at the end of September. I'm not looking for anything too fancy. Simple and elegant. I'm also hoping not to pay a fortune for something that a lot of older (predominantly asian) guests won't even really eat. I'm thinking of starting with bakerys in the LA area so that the delivery cost will be reasonable, but I guess at this point I'm open to anything and everything!

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  1. i like angel maid bakery in mar vista area. their pastry is delicious, reasonable & not overly sweet. i believe they are japanese american.

    4538 S Centinela Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90066

    1. Final Touch Bakery in Westminster (O.C.) is quite nice. They've done some really fun concept cakes for the last three weddings I've been to. Asian-owned, so it's not super sweet, and they're willing to accomodate requests.

      1. A lot of 'hounders are partial to Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown. I can't personally vouch for them as I've never been myself, but it might fit the bill for what you need.

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          Ordered a wedding cake from Phoenix Bakery for 200 people. They have different fillings to choose from. Been a while, but I remember it was very reasonable and $25 delivery and set up charge to Empress Pavillion when Phoenix Bakery had their location in Lincoln Heights on Broadway.
          You can probably give them a week's notice with deposit.

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            just had their cake for daughter's wedding on july 12th. delicious and very reasonable. highly recommend.

          2. I can't make a specific rec, but you should do a search for "bakery cakes asian" or something like that on the board. There are several highly-recommended Chinese or Vietnamese bakeries that will be much cheaper than any non-asian bakery, and the flavors tend to be lighter, not too sweet, more appropriate for older Asian palates. They also offer asian-type flavors like mango, taro, etc
            Most of these are in San Gabriel Valley, but I'm not sure what you mean by LA area. Downtown? West LA?

            1. Sounds like a job for Craigslist. Try putting an ad on Craigslist events for a baker to make the cake you want.

              1. Kings Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance did a friends wedding. Loved the airy crumb. I know the cakes are very reasonable and I think they deliver.

                1. My first thought was - get an italian casada cake! White cake, filled with vanilla whipped cream and strawberries, then covered with big shavings of white chocolate. I had MONTHS to plan my wedding and it was stil what I choose. Yummy.

                  But you say many guests are asians? Then yes, for heavens sake, go to Phoenix Bakery and get a classic strawberry cake. Beautiful to look at, tasty and not too sweet. And congratulations to the happy couple!

                  1. Portos (I like the one in Burbank but there is one in Glendale too). The cakes taste amazing, cheap, and they look great too. www.portosbakery.com/

                    1. Try Susina on Beverly (near La Brea). They did our wedding earlier this summer with less than 5 weeks' notice/planning. It came to under $700 for 100+ guests. It was amazing, both visually and taste. Photo attached.


                      1. As you know, most Chinese do not like highly sweet cakes. So, I think the suggestions of Phoenix Bakery or even Queen's Bakery in Chinatown are right on. Also, I love the cakes from King's Bakery in Torrance. They have a new smaller location called the Local Place, which is more easily accessible than their original location. My favorite cake there is the Hawaiian Paradise. BTW..to save money, you can order a sheet cake and the more formal cake but smaller to save $$.

                        1. So Sunny which place did you use? Any feedback or suggestions?