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Aug 21, 2008 11:21 AM

Last Minute Wedding Cake Planning

In the last minute I hav been asked to coordinate the wedding cake for a wedding at the end of September. I'm not looking for anything too fancy. Simple and elegant. I'm also hoping not to pay a fortune for something that a lot of older (predominantly asian) guests won't even really eat. I'm thinking of starting with bakerys in the LA area so that the delivery cost will be reasonable, but I guess at this point I'm open to anything and everything!

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  1. i like angel maid bakery in mar vista area. their pastry is delicious, reasonable & not overly sweet. i believe they are japanese american.

    4538 S Centinela Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90066

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      1. Final Touch Bakery in Westminster (O.C.) is quite nice. They've done some really fun concept cakes for the last three weddings I've been to. Asian-owned, so it's not super sweet, and they're willing to accomodate requests.

        1. A lot of 'hounders are partial to Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown. I can't personally vouch for them as I've never been myself, but it might fit the bill for what you need.

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            Ordered a wedding cake from Phoenix Bakery for 200 people. They have different fillings to choose from. Been a while, but I remember it was very reasonable and $25 delivery and set up charge to Empress Pavillion when Phoenix Bakery had their location in Lincoln Heights on Broadway.
            You can probably give them a week's notice with deposit.

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              just had their cake for daughter's wedding on july 12th. delicious and very reasonable. highly recommend.

            2. I can't make a specific rec, but you should do a search for "bakery cakes asian" or something like that on the board. There are several highly-recommended Chinese or Vietnamese bakeries that will be much cheaper than any non-asian bakery, and the flavors tend to be lighter, not too sweet, more appropriate for older Asian palates. They also offer asian-type flavors like mango, taro, etc
              Most of these are in San Gabriel Valley, but I'm not sure what you mean by LA area. Downtown? West LA?