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Aug 21, 2008 10:48 AM

Calgary's Pine Lake Restaurant; dim sum

This place was fantastic for dim sum this past weekend! No carts, everything is made fresh to order. And steaming fresh it is, but the flavour is why you should go. Check it out. It's a real hole in the wall - 118 5 Avenue SE (downstairs), Calgary, AB, (403) 266-3720. Anyone else been?

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  1. Is this the place below Fuji Yama?

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    1. re: John Manzo

      That's the one. The dinner is not bad either and well-priced. I can't remember what we ordered last time. The one issue I found was that the dishes are quite greasy (but not heavy).

    2. It's been my favorite Dim Sum for a while as their Dim Sum has a nice clean and fresh taste. Dinner is nice as it's slightly different from regular Chinese restaurants as they have smaller cheaper unique dishes so you can sample more of a variety. Only annoying thing like many other Chinese restaurants is the lack of a translated menu. All the good stuff is written in Chinese...

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      1. re: slingshotz

        You could always convince a friend who can read the menu to accompany you :) Otherwise, they do have a menu with pictures and descriptions for the dim sum menu.

      2. I wouldn't say it's a hole in the wall.. it's just really small. The parking is worse be prepared to park in closet.

        It's pretty good when we went 6 months ago.