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Aug 21, 2008 10:04 AM

Ramen Setagaya

I just moved back into the east village and i noticed several new restaurants between 8-10st and first ave. Most noteably is Ramen Setagaya. There is no "to go" menus and no menu posted outside.

Is it good? what do you suggest?

do you know if they do take our or delivery. yes a crazy question to ask but momofuko
doesn't do either which is another subject all together!

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  1. Ramen Setagaya is one of the better ramen joints in the EV. I'm partial to the tsukemen type of ramen, which is the soup and noodles separated. It's a little more refreshing during the heat of the summer. I also like how they have different tiers of ramen, like the deluxe, deluxe pork, etc. That way, you can augment your meal, depending on how cheap you are.

    Also, from what I understand, they're one of the only ramen restaurants in the city that makes their broth from scratch. Most places use pre-made, frozen stock.

    I don't think they do take-out or delivery.

    1. The quality of the ramen at Setagaya peaked last year shortly after opening. These days, it's downhill and heading further in the same direction. Word of mouth in the Japanese expat community is getting worse too. Better off to head a few blocks west for Ippudo....Japanese ramen shops rarely do take out/ delivery.

      1. They also grill their pork which renders it kind of dry and not buttery. Not my thing.