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Aug 21, 2008 09:58 AM

Can you suggest ?

My wife and I will be in Boston for six nights and we would greatly appreciate dining suggestions in and arround the Boston Common area. We will be staying on Avery St. and will utilize a taxi if needed. We would like suggestions as to a romantic place to celebrate our anniversary as well as my wife's birthday. Causal and neighborhood places are also fine. We are open to just about anything and prefer places without a lot of "attitude". Any assistance and thoughts would be quite helpful. Thank you!

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  1. There are so many places to go to within walking distance of the Common. Here are few of my favorites (none of which have much attitude!):

    -- Paramount, Charles Street (Beacon Hill) for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (eclectic cuisine)

    -- 75 Chestnut, Chestnut Street (Beacon Hill) for good burgers and steak tips (upscale bistro food)

    -- Villa Mexico, Cambridge Street (Beacon Hill) for excellent burritos in the back of a gas station (Mexican)

    -- Laurel, Berkeley Street (South End/Back Bay) for mostly good food at decent prices (New American)

    -- Sultan's Kitchen, State Street (Financial District) for excellent Turkish food--lunch and early dinner only

    1. Teatro, Tremont St - Order the antipasto
      Grotto, Bowdoin St - Italian in an intimate and romantic setting
      Antonios, Cambridge St - Very affordable, red sauce italian - more of a casual neighborhood place
      Sushi Zen, corner of Bowdoin & Beacon - Above average sushi (although certainly not the best in town) with a few outdoor tables (Scollay Square right next door is a good spot for cocktails outside)
      Chinatown - I like Xinh Xinh for Vietnamese (corner of Washington and Tyler), Empire Garden, Hei La Moon or China Pearl for dim sum, and New Shanghai (Hudson St.) for Chinese
      Jacob Wirth's (37 Stuart St) - for Friday night piano singalong and great beer options (not really a food destination)

      1. Figs on Charles St. for great pizza and pasta.

        I second the Grotto rec. You must get the garlic truffle parmesan soup if they have it.
        And their peach bellini's are deliciously refreshing.

        For your anniversay, No. 9 Park is the obvious choice. It's right on the common, pricey, romantic, sublime cocktails, beautiful space but warm, gracious (not stuffy) service.