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Aug 21, 2008 09:52 AM

Coffee and treats in Halifax


New to Halifax, living on Dalhousie campus, looking for morning coffee and treats. Coffee must be good, baked goods must be equally good. OR a bakery where I can pick something up and eat it with coffee later. Walking distance, please...

Any suggestions???

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  1. There's not a tonne in that immediate area if you're thinking of something easy in the morning that isn't going to take you too far. On campus there are (unfortunately) a lot of chain places. For folks looking outside the chains generally the two spots I think people hit are the Coburg Coffee House (on Coburg street at Henry)- which has coffee and baked stuff - and the Grad House on campus next to the SUB (which is not limited to Grad Students despite the name). I can't really comment on the quality - but both are pretty much on campus, so it's not too far out of your way to investigate.

    If you're willing to visit coffee shops more further afield - I have two favourites and both are downtown. When I'm looking for a filter coffee - I usually go to Uncommon Grounds (Argyle Street but also on South Park near Inglis). Their Fog Burner Dark Roast is amazing. They have great muffins, toast bagels and have really good sandwiches for lunch. For lattes and other espresso based coffees, I prefer Steve-o-renos on Brunswick Street. They also do muffins, bagels and other baked goods.

    Oooh and I almost forgot - downtown on Barrington there is the tiny Ciboulette. I haven't tried their coffee but they do really amazing sticky buns. Not very breakfasty though I guess.

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      Thanks for the tips Parleek. As long as it takes less than half an hour (or so) to walk, I'm down. I'm not really looking for everyday (unfortunately), more like a really great once in a while treat.

    2. wouldn't the Italian Market be within walking distance as well? Great eats and treats in there i think !

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        Ooh, that sounds promising. Where is it?

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          I meant Italian Gourmet, oops !! brain-fart there ! Anyway, it's on Doyle St. Map here on the site:

          I'm a fan of their almond lattes, hazelnut gelato, chocolate creme brulee and their florentines. In addition to the sweets, they have great finds in the the lunch selection, as well as cheeses, olives, and other grocery items.

      2. If you are actually prepared to venture a little further afield - 15-20 minute walk from Dalhousie depending on your pace and what part of campus you are on - try the No Name Cafe on the ground floor of the brick building at the corner of Gottigen and Cornwallis. It actually has no name, there isn't a sign that says "No Name"! but you can't miss it. It has great homemade treats; homestyle muffins and such like your grandmother would make, not fancy coffee shop goodies, and it opens early.

        1. Well, maybe I'm crazy but who doesn't like a cup of Tim Horton's coffee and a box of Timbits?!

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            I don't. Tim's coffee gives me a headache and I never liked the way it tastes. As for their donuts, especially the timbits... <shudder>.

            1. re: Greg B

              Tim's coffee is ok for a caffeine fix, but even Starbucks on Spring Garden would have to be better for sure. I do actually like their sour cream donuts though....

              I will mention, however, that TH's has recently changed their cookies, into a pricier "Gourmet" cookie, which was revolting IMHO. They're harder and have some weird chemically aftertaste. Had purchased a bag a few months bag to share at work, and everybody hated them. Their old cookies weren't half bad (especially the pecan caramel one)

              1. re: im_nomad

                How about Just Us. Great ORGANIC FAIR TRADE coffee and wonderful treats. 5896 Spring Garden Road. Not too far from either Dal or SMU.

                1. re: boynamedsous

                  i'm a bit miffed at the moment with Just Us because of this


                  evidently it's too much work to count out pennies, but not too much to remember which items to round up or down or not to do so while using interac......also if you only happen to buy rounded up items, well you're out of doesn't level out as they're claiming . A small issue, but it stuck in my craw when i read it this week.