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Aug 21, 2008 09:46 AM

New to Philly (downtown & society hill)

Hello Philadelphians. I just moved here for the next 3 months for work and am looking for food recommendations. I'm volunteering on a campaign so don't have a lot of $ to burn, but interested in the full range of options (from cheesesteak to Le Bec Fin). I am staying in Society Hill and working near 15th and Chestnut, so options in those two areas are particularly welcome. Favorite cuisines include Japanese and Thai. I am also looking for the best place to get a make-your-own salad near the office. Many thanks!!

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  1. There is a chinese buffet place on the 1600 block of Chestnut St. The name escapes me, but it is right next door to the Radio Shack and the exterior is lime green/yellow so you should be able to find it easily. You just make up your salad and they charge by the pound. They also offer many hot dishes in addition to the salad fixins.

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      Society Hill/Queen Village is home to some of the best restaurants in Philly and great BYOB's that are affordable and delicious.

      Little Fish - Seafood - They have a $28 5 Course prix fix on Sunday's
      Dimitri's - Greek
      Kanella - Cypriot
      Tamarind - Thai
      Cochon - French Comfort

      Gastro Pub Fare
      Royal Tavern
      POPE - Pub on East Passyunk
      Eulogy - In a world of it's own - 300 beers and Mussels and Frites
      New Wave Cafe

      Also near by but a little pricier or not BYOB:
      Chick's - Small plates, amazing bartender, open late
      Zahav - Israeli haven't been but good reviews.
      Ansill - small plates, interesting preparations good happy hour
      Southwark again: amazing bartender - seasonal, local ingredients
      Amada - Jose Garces tapas spot (he just beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef!)
      Horizons - Inventive delicious vegan restaurant

      Other Stuff -
      Famous Fourth St Deli - Huge NY style deli sandwiches
      The Italian Market - On 9th St starting at Christian - Hoagies - Sarcone's is a necessary stop - amazing Vietnamese and Mexican food - plus great grocery shopping for everyday and specialty items.
      Headhouse Square Farmers Market - On Sundays. Get a taco al pastor!

      Most of these are South of South Street but still very to you. This is my neck of the woods so I will leave Center City proper to someone else.

      Enjoy Philly!!

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        Wow, thanks so much for the recommendations! I am excited. A trusted friend told me last night she thinks the food in Philly is better than NY.

    2. make your own salad: VIP market on Walnut, between 12th and 13th (or 13th and Broad...I can never remember), or Greenmarket on Chestnut, between 13th and Broad-- both are markets with huge salad bars. Also, all of the Marathon Grill locations have a make your own salad option. There is a location at 15th (or 16th?) and Sansom, and one between Broad and Juniper on Chestnut.

      Some fairly budget-friendly (to extremely budget-friendly) things that are on my permanent go-to list...

      Monk's (or Nodding Head when Monk's is too crowded)- Belgian Brew Pub (Huge beer selection and great burgers and frites--Nodding Head is a microbrewery owned by the same people)
      Banana Leaf (or Penang, which doesn't serve alcohol--BL does) -- Malaysian (though also has the best pad thai I've had in the city, so far)
      Vietnam or Nam Phuong-- Vietnamese (at Vietnam order the grilled app platter! at Nam Phuong get anything that is grilled on sugar cane!)
      HK Golden Phoenix -- dim sum (I will probably get slammed for that, but so far, it's my favorite dim sum place--the vietnamese dim sum places on Washington don't have as large a variety)
      Wasabi House -- sushi (not fancy sushi--just tasty and inexpensive)
      Taqueria Veracruzana -- cheap, good Mex (avoid El Azteca!!!)
      Caribou -- French bistro
      South Street Souvlaki
      Alyan's -- middle eastern -- get the fries with peppers and onions!
      Marrakesh -- fun Moroccan-- eat with your hands-- a lot of people don't like how dark and crowded it is, but I think it adds to the charm
      and of course,
      Reading Terminal Market (my current market faves-- the dumpling and veg noodle soup and Sang Kee, the pancakes and turkey bacon at Dutch Eating Place, the beef and caramelized onion sandwich at George's Pizza, the turkey reuben at herschel's, the cupcakes at Flying Monkey)

      1. Our favorite Japanese in the city is Zento near 2nd and Chestnut. And it's BYOB to boot. the chef worked under Morimoto, and it shows through in his "new style" Japanese. But they still have plenty of regular nigiri and rolls. Plus ramen, udon, etc.


        1. Since you're working on 15th and Chestnut you can't pass up the best burger in town at Good Dog (!