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Aug 21, 2008 09:44 AM

must eat in Old Town Pasadena tonight. Help

Unfortunately, because of transportation, we all need to eat in Old Town Pasadena early tonight. Parents and kids. Please don't make me eat at the Cheesecake Factory...

All I can think of is Yujean Kang and Akbar. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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    1. Not right IN Old Town, but Central Park is three or four blocks south on Fair Oaks. West side of the street facing, um, Central Park. Not a Destination, but good food and friendly, brisk service. Sand dabs and flatiron steak are very good, not expensive.

      1. King Taco! Central Park is a good recommendation as well.

        1. besides what have been listed:

          gyu kaku : japanese bbq
          neomeze: tapas
          villa sorriso
          il fornaio
          cafe bizou
          cafe santorini
          beckham grill
          la luna negra

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          1. re: rickym13

            i like cafe bizou. i prefer the pasadena location to the one in the SFV

          2. Melting Pot is fun, if you can get in. Gyu Kaku on Green St. is another fun place, cook your own food. Cafe Verde looks good. How are the children?

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            1. re: bosanova99

              I have to disagree on the Melting Pot. It's terribly expensive and boiled meat just isn't good.

              Cafe Verde is however very good.

              1. re: Kevitivity

                Cafe Verde is not in Old's several blocks east, although it's just about my favorite restaurant in Pasadena. And given that the OP mentions parents and kids, it sounds like it's more than two people. they'd definitely need a reservation at Cafe Verde just because it's so small...but they are expanding into the space just to the West, so in the future it might not be quite so cramped.

                1. re: Kevitivity

                  i'm going to have to disagree with that blanket statement as far as shabu-shabu is concerned. but on the whole, yes, boiled meat is not very good.

                  1. re: jbeecher

                    No, you are correct, shabu-shabu is an exception to the rule.