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Aug 21, 2008 09:33 AM

java GREEN - meh...

I tried out java GREEN near Farragut North (19th btwn K and L, NW) and was distinctly underwhelmed with the faux chicken ramen.

For $9, you get what I swear is Ooodles of Noodles chicken flavored ramen with some broccoli, sprouts and sliced chunks of tofu chicken thrown in.

It says it all that the fake chicken was the high light of the meal.

OTOH, their salad bar looked decent and I sat next to a couple who apparently enjoyed their wrap and faux beef dish enough that they are weekly regulars.

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  1. In june they said they were about to convert to an all-raw (double meh) menu, any evidence of that? The soy-faux-icecream shake was extra good, though.

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    1. I want to like it there, but they make it so difficult. The service is bad and the take away contains are difficult to eat from. Never thought it really mattered, but it does. They gave me this tall narrow soup container and i had a difficult time getting a good spoonful of noodles and broth. Bummer. Ended up with more on my shirt then in my mouth. Bad news when you're at work and you don't have an extra shirt!

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        I feel your pain. I didn't mention that I was seating outside and the server plopped down the bowl of ramen, splashing the broth through the mesh table surface onto my jean.

        By the time I got up and realized what had happened, the server was gone like a shot.

        I also *want* to like it - I like organic, veggies are good for you, I eat too much meat, green is good, etc., but...

      2. I used to go there all the time when I worked on 20th and K. I agree with posters on the service issue. On the menu side of the things, it all depends on what you order. I loved their salads (esp. very berry and sesame soy with spicy chicken), the chicken chili wrap, and the green soup and the seaweed soup. I also loved their teas and coffees.

        1. I went back to Java Green today after a long absence. It's gotten much, much worse. They've moved more tables inside making it nearly impossible to stand and wait for your food without being in someone's way. I would not have wanted to try to carry on a conversation there. The neighborhood could really use a better veggie-friendly place that's not just salad.