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Aug 21, 2008 09:29 AM

Good, Cheap Ethnic Food in Watertown?

Hi All:

I'll be moving to Watertown Square next week. While I've been in the area for a while now, I'm not really familiar with Watertown. I was wondering if anyone had reccomendations for good and relatively inexpensive ethnic food in the area. My favorites are Thai, Mexican and Indian, but I like trying just about anything. I heard there's good Armenian food, but not sure where.

Thanks for the help.


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  1. Watertown does not have a great variety but there are some:

    Shangri-La excellent Taiwaneese.

    Stella's Pizza really good thin crust.

    Conley's Pub also very good thin crust pizza and serviceable bar food.

    Demo's Great shish kebab and black eyed pea soup.

    Molana for Persian.

    Tabrizi Bakery for excellent sweets.

    The Sushi place down from Demo's is not bad.

    Taco place on the Waltham line whose name eludes me is not bad.

    For groceries:

    Russo's - amazing fruits and Veggie's, prepared food, flowers, pretty good bakery
    Arax - Armenian fruit and veg and some prepared foods.
    Sevan - Armenian Really good desserts and preparred foods.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      Sushi place is gone, replaced by Super Asian Fusion, which I haven't tried.

      There's another place called Asiana Fusion that I like -- my favorite is the ok dol bi bim bap. It's just off Main Street a few blocks past the library. A few more blocks, and you get to Spot Cafe, which is not ethnic, but is a great little place for breakfast and lunch.

      For Thai, Amarin (which may be technically in Newtonville -- it's on Centre St just before the Mass Pike) is much better than Tantawan.

      Casa de Pedro, a Venezuelan place in the Arsenal, is not bad -- it's a pretty good deal for lunch.

      1. re: Pia

        Actually, Super Fusion II is another sushi restaurant, related to Super Fusion in Washington Square, Brookline.

    2. I can recommend Molana in Watertown Square, really good, value-priced Persian food -- at least downstairs, not familiar with newly-opened upstairs. A thread with a review and link to menu:

      Also, Fordee's sandwich shop has excellent falafel. (555 Mount Auburn St Watertown). A block or two along Mt Auburn from Fordee's are Arax and Sevan, two wonderful small markets selling Middle Eastern foods.

      Not in Watertown but very nearby in Belmont is excellent Chinese at Shangri-La. If you do a "search this board" on Shangri-La you will get tons of posts.

      Russo's is a fabulous resource for produce, cheeses and deli items with a huge selection (including loads of unusual ethically-oriented produce) at prices that reflect the fact that they are largely a wholesale operation.

      I will leave the Thai, Mexican and Indian recs to others, while noting that there is a general dearth of good Mexican food in greater Boston, with a couple of notable exceptions.

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      1. re: GretchenS

        "Ethically-oriented produce"? Greens that do good!

        1. re: fredid

          never was good at typing :)

          cool ethnic greens that push me to my culinary limits, how's that?

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          PS - On a more serious note :) ! You're close to Moody St. in Waltham - 15 minutes by car?, or a quick bus ride from Watertown Square, that has tons of food, including excellent Mexican on a small, out of the way street - Do a search for posts. And of course, Cambridge, including Central Square, isn't far either, by bus or car.

          1. re: fredid

            Yes, Taqueria Mexico on Charles St. Right off of Moody near Felton. Awesome.

        3. Absolutely love Fordee's for a fantastic falafel (everything at surrounding tables also looked fantastic, including a massive burger).

          1. while technically in waltham, taqueria el amigo at 196 willow street, ( right across from the big Shaw's on river street) is a hoot. decent food, husband and wife team, ridiculously inexpensive. cant be more than two miles from watertown square. if youre going to russo's anyway..

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            1. re: hyde

              Did anyone mention the wonderful Armenian grocery stores that are mostly on Mt. Auburn Street around Coolidge Square? Arax, Massis, Sevan, and I must be forgetting another one. Then over on Belmont Avenue (not far from the Star Market in Cambridge) there is Eastern Lamejun. I like the other stores better because they are bigger and as they are close together, you can pick up anything at one store, in case the first store didn't have it. Sevan is very good for party platters, and also has wine for sale. Arax has the most produce, I think. Massis is nice overall. They all have wonderful salads, dips, cheeses etc. in their cold cases, and all have olive bars.
              Jasmine on Bigelow Street is quite new, "Persian" restaurant. I ate there once and all 3 of us liked it and would go back. It's BYOB.

              1. re: Lucymax

                There are now four Persian restaurants in Watertown (well, one, Fiouna, is a catering company that does serve take out food and it's right over the river in Newton). The one restaurant Lucymax mentions is actually called Shiraz Cuisine; Jasmine is the other Persian restaurant in the Coolidge Square area, and it's on Mt. Auburn St. Molana was already mentioned by GretchenS.

                The one glaring omission in Watertown is an Indian restaurant. There are a couple in Waltham on Moody St, and one, Kashish, in Belmont Center. But my life in Watertown would be much happier with a great Indian restaurant in town.

                1. re: Spenbald

                  There used to be an Indian restaurant on Bigelow Ave several years ago. The owner got sick and had to sell it, he used to also own another Indian restaurant on Moody St. in Waltham but I am not sure if health reasons forced him to sell that one too.

                2. re: Lucymax

                  All true, except that I think Eastern Lamejun has, by far, the best lamejun of them all . . . .

              2. Shangri-La is my number one pick.

                For Thai food, Tantawan is passable.
                For Mexican, I prefer a taco fix from Felipe's in Harvard Square.
                For Indian, you'll do better going to Moody Street in Waltham. Search the boards for names.

                I hope you enjoy discovering the Armenian and Persian food in Watertown!