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Aug 21, 2008 08:42 AM

Verjus source

Anyone know where I can buy a bottle of verjus around Boston today? I'm hoping to make verjus sorbet with poached peaches this weekend. Ever seen it around?

Thanks in advance, Hounds!

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  1. whole foods should have verjus but i'm not positive... i would check with fromaggio in the south end also


      They have it, also a interesting choice of vinegars and molecular cooking ingredients. You won't get it by the weekend.

      I would give Fromaggio a call and then maybe Butcher Shop in South End as a wild guess. I never saw it at Wholefoods ....

      1. I've never found it here, so I would be interested too. I've always had to get it at Fairway on LI when I visit family.

        Verjus is invaluable when making sauces for those who cannot have alcohol - when cooked, it offers a reasonable approximation of white wine, but without the alcohol.

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          I found it at South End Formaggio, next to the vinegars. Thanks, bowmore, for the tip! Unfortunately, I didn't love it as a sorbet, but my family did. Anyway, it's good to know where I can get it in the future.