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Aug 21, 2008 08:42 AM

647 Dinner Club in BsAs

Hi All.
I've read and heard a LOT about this place. I'm heading back to BsAs in a week for my now only yearly visit and wanted to fit this in. However because of the nature of my visit most of my funds have been allocated elsewhere in the weekend with stops in El Establo, Rio Alba, El Trapiche, La Brigada San Telmo and Desnivel.

I have Tuesday and Wednesday nights available and needed to know what I should consider for a budget for going to 647 if I choose it over Pura Tierra. No where yet have I seen an approximation of costs for it.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. 647 for me is by far the best restaurant in Buenos Aires and to be honest the meat is in my opinion the best in the city, i include the top Parilla´s in that comparison. I believe the cost is around 120 Pesos a peson with an interesting wine but obviousely you could spend more or less.

    1. Hey NYCkid,
      I discovered 647 from this site when i was recently in Buenos Aires. If you go, which i would really recomend, please order the is AMAZING! The flavour was absolutely incredible and it was cooked perfectly. What i really liked about this place was that it was totally different from any of the other places where we ate.The style, atmosphere and of course what matters the food wa really impressive.
      Its sort of interesting and i wonder if its about kick backs or lack of but we stayed in a really up market hotel and they were recomending us places that where tired 2 years ago and not recomending good new places....which as 647 proves obviousely exist.

      1. I agree with the views so far, There are a lot of good restaurants in BA but 647 Dinner Club really does stand out from the crowd.

        1. 647 is good, but not remotely on the scale of "best restaurant(s)" in BA. Pura Tierra is leaps and bounds better.

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            Well i suppose like beauty, good restaurants really are in the eye of the beholder. I actually ate at Pura Tierra in Belgrano on my my previous trip(2007)and while being a good experience and an interesting place to visit it did not strike me as anything out of this world.
            647 Dinner Club for me was something very different to all the other almost identical restaurants that exist in Buenos Aires and for me Pura Tierra comes into that category..good but more of the same.
            When was the last time you ate in 647??

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              Within the last month. It isn't that I dislike 647, it's just that for me, it's food that you could get at any trendy sort of place in any major metropolitan city with a decent food scene. I'll agree that Pura Tierra is very Argentine - though "identical" to other restaurants in this town, not even close - it's very creative, modern versions of Argentine cuisine. And given that the original poster is only in BA for two days, it makes far better sense to me to suggest a place that serves a very good version of local food than one that serves a merely good version of food he/she could get back in NYC.

          2. I live in Buenos Aires now, from Los Angeles, California. I find 647 to be one of my top 5 picks of restaurants in Buenos Aires. I love it so much, I go once a fortnight. The ojo de bife is one of the best steaks I have had in Buenos Aires, on par with La Cabrera but outdoes La Cabaña Las Lilas. The bartender is a true mixologist, making a great twist on the Cosmopolitan. I recommend the whisky parfait for dessert, highly addictive. The sommelier Federico always makes us feel as if we were being welcomed into his home. The ambiance is very interestingly fashionable, in an innovative understated way.
            I recommend this place to all of my clients visiting Buenos Aires.

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              so where are the true porteno spots in BA. im in late octoner for 4 nights and looking for solid food with no T O U R I S T S and good vibe locals kinda place.. I speak enough spanish to get by and would love the tip. But for some reason I dont expect to get it ( kind of your secret) saltshaker Im meeting with yourfriend BH from LA know what I mean??

              1. re: RefreshMed

                Refresh : which are your other top four?

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                  Can someone tell me, is 647 open on Sunday's? I tried calling awhile ago about reservations but there was no answer.


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                    It did not open Sundays when i was there recently.