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Aug 21, 2008 08:32 AM

BlueStar oven & broiler performance

I am thinking of buying a 6 burner BlueStar range. I am sold on the burner design, but would like to hear from anyone who has one of these regarding the performance of the oven and broiler. Are you happy? Thanks!

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  1. Very happy over eight months now. The oven is large so it takes awhile to heat up. So, we use our microwave/convection oven for small jobs more than heretofore. When baking cookies on a full sheet pan (see photo), which only the 36" Blue Star can handle, we find it best to rotate the pan half way through the baking process, even with the oven fan on. Oven temp on ours runs about 20F low, so we compensate for that when dialing up--no big deal. The broiler is awesome, but note in the manual that it is designed to cycle on and off to prevent over heating (most new broilers have this feature, which I could do well without). It's a great stove!

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      So is the oven temp inconsistent? Sounds like it might be based on your comments. If you had to do it all over again, would you spring for the extra $$$ and go with a dual fuel range (e.g., electric oven)? Thanks for your comments.

      1. re: bguy2008

        Wherever I work (or used to) I check the oven temps (I don't like surprises). Most are close, but seldom right on. The temp error on our BS is consistent. The BS you are considering does not have sealed burners (less efficient), does not have a timer or even a clock (don't need 'em), does not have a dual fuel oven (a marketing item to attract home cooks and maybe some pastry cooks and bakers, and it does not have a self cleaning oven (also not needed and really hard on the stove's electrics and electronics, over time). It's a great stove, in part because the designers put the $$$'s where they really count, hour by hour, job by job.

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          Agree that all the electronic add ons are not necessary. I am sure it is also true that all ovens would be off (+ or -) if you took the time to measure them (I never have). Thanks for your helpful commentary.