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Aug 21, 2008 08:29 AM

Not a caterer, but someone to help me cook for a party?

I am a good cook, but I am hosting a party for as many as 50 ppl. I can plan the menu, shop, order chairs and glasses, but need someone to help me the day of the party cook, and during the party, help me get the food out on the buffet, and supervise the waiters. Westchester County NY? Ideally, the cook would have grown up somewhere south of the Mason Dixon so that he/she might know how to fry a tomato or stuff and egg. It does not make sense for me to pay the caterer 40$/person when it will be my recipes, my ideas.

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  1. Call your local culinary school or BOCES and see if you can hire a student for the night. A real chef might have ego issues.