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New NJ restaurants

Any scoop on new NJ restaurants?
What's opening this fall/winter? I know Due Mari Pesce, in new Brunswick, but what else?

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  1. Steakhouse 85, in New Brunswick. Scheduled opening: October.


    1. You can keep up with restaurant openings and closings at:


      1. Here's what I posted in a recent thread on the Ferry House in Princeton:

        There's a lot on the horizon for new Princeton places, including:

        -- JL Ivy, just opened last month in the old Rusty Scupper, Princeton. Going thru the start up process. Lots of potential. See related post on this board regarding.

        -- Ruth's Chris Steak, recently opened in Forrestal Village (Plainsboro) just off the Route 1 South, Westin entrance.

        -- Eno Terra, soon to open in the old Winepress (Kingston). Owned by the Momo brothers who own Terresa's, Mediterra and Witherspoon Bread company in Princeton. Eno Terra will be a wine bar and restaurant. Construction looks complete. Heard they may have a delayed 2008 opening due to some site problems.

        -- Elements. Route 206 (Bayard Lane), Princeton. Scott Anderson (previously consulting at One53, and prior at Lawrenceville Inn, Mediterra, Ryland Inn, Les Copains and others) will be the exectutive chef. New building is under construction. Looks like a late 2008 opening may be possible. Cuisine will be upscale fresh and local new american with tasting menus, a chef's table in the kitchen, ect. Will be a welcome addition to the area!

        -- BT20, Bobby Triggs redo of the Peacock Inn, Princeton. Fine dining with a bar/lounge. Chef Trigg is making very, make that glacerly slow progress on complete rebuild of the Inn & restaraunt. Winter opening likely, doubt sooner.

        -- BT Bistro, Bobby Triggs redo of the Charlie Browns at the route 1, Palmer Inn (Clarion hotel) West Windsor. No info on expected opening. Doesn't look like much work is in progress.

        and finally,

        -- Dunkin Donuts, under construction at the Princeton Shopping Center!!

        Lot's for the Princeton area hounds to look forward to!

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          Well, for anyone interested

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            Thanks for the links. Looking forward to enjoying the elements of many great meals & will be watching for the first sign of life from that Jade suite!

        2. As noted by the OP, Due Mari Pesce e Vinoteca is slated to open in New Brunswick. It's on Albany Street and should open next weekend. FYI, this restaurant is owned by the folks who own Due Terre Enoteca in Bernardsville. I wonder if they'll be handing out ear plugs on opening night. :-))


          1. Eno Terra in Kingston, mentioned above, will open Saturday 9/13. www.enoterra.com

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              Has anyone posted this yet??? Just found it googleling BT Bistro

              It is about Bobby Triggs new restaurants:


              Looks and sounds pretty exciting!

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                Leonidas137, I see this is your first post. Welcome to Chowhound!

                I did not provide a link to the YouTube video but I did mention it about a year and a half ago. The big question is: Is this place ever going to open?


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                  I spoke to Bobby not too long ago. He isn't sure yet the exact date but both Peacock and BT Bistro should be open before the end of fall.

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                    Thanks, avidcook. Hmmm, I'm thinking the end of fall is only one week before Christmas! :-))

                    Are you open yet?

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                    Thank you Ambrose!

                    I have been reading this board for quite a little while, yet was unable to write due to a bad shoulder injury. Never the less, my husband and I got to try a lot of the restaurants that have been reviewed here and really enjoyed most of our experiences. Being tired of the monoculture going on in our area, we are always happy to find a restaurant not serving southern Italian food.

                    We love the Ferry House and are very excited about Bobby Triggs new ventures.

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                      I hope he opens before that!!! I'm excited about both of his restaurants, however I doubt I'll get time to do anything before next summer. :( ...and no we hope to open at the end of Sept

              2. Having only eaten at one Ruth's Chris Steak House, Princeton, I will never eat there again.
                There are restaurants that serve a better steak without being a steak house and without having to give up your first born for the 'pleasure' of eating there, since it most certainly not dining. Par baked bread basket is the only freebie on the table, I do peel my asparagus ( at $9.95 they should too), and a wine list where the least expensive wine costs $9.00 and tastes like bag in the box.
                Can't wait to get back and dine with Chef Scott Anderson at elements though. Since I will only make the trip back to Princeton in May, I will have to wait.

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                    I have dined at three different Ruth's Chris Steak Houses. They can really vary in terms of quality. This was admittedly, many many years ago, but the best steak I ever had in my entire life was the one I had at a Ruth's Chris in Washington DC. In fact, I've eaten at a lot of very good restaurants, but that meal stands out as one of the best I restaurant meals I ever had.

                  2. There is a lot of construction (and some looks restaurant-ish) on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. Not sure what is going in, but it has my interest.

                    1. Has anyone been to Due Mari?

                      1. Sora in Stone Harbor - NEW Restaurant
                        Hello all - this is my brothers new resturant - I live in Kentucky and won't be able to (it doesn't look like I will be able to make it this summer) to check it out. You guys really get around in Jersey so I'd love to see if you guys could check it out and give him some feed back! You can do a search in google for sora stone harbor and that will show you the location - his website is not ready to be released yet. I set up a FaceBook page under Sora Fine Dining - fan it if you like it! ;)

                        Thanks folks!


                        8307 3rd Ave
                        Stone Harbor, NJ, 08247