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Aug 21, 2008 08:26 AM

New South Street Restaurant??

Anyone know anything about the new Chinese/Japanese restaurant opening on South Street? And please tell me why the Leather District - which is next to Chinatown - needs another Chinese/Japanese option??

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  1. Where? I work on South Street and didn't even notice a new place going in! :)
    The only new place I noticed was Al's South Street on the corner.

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      1. re: Gordough

        Yep. They are opening a second location in the new Lincoln Plaza at the corner of Essex and South Street. I am pretty excited! :)

        1. re: TomH

          VERY interesting.... any timetable for opening?

          1. re: Gordough

            Looks like flooring is down, drop ceilings are in, and some of the counter areas are set. I will take a closer peek through the paper on the windows and report back.

            1. re: TomH

              The new place is going in next to Boston Deli Deluxe (to the right of it if you are facing the Boston Deli Deluxe). There is a new sign in the window. Its upstairs.

              1. re: DowntownChick

                I actually saw that for the first time today. I believe the sign says "Beijing Tokyo" is that correct? I know it was Chinese and Japanese and had two city names for the name of the place.

                1. re: TomH

                  Beijing Tokyo? I wonder if they are connected with the one near Kendall Square....

            2. re: Gordough

              I took a look into Al's yesterday after work and there is quite a bit of construction going on right now. Hopefully it will be soon! :)

              1. re: TomH

                FYI, I walked by Al's on South Street today and they are open for business.

                They also have a web site (which seems to be down right now):


                I will be heading in for lunch tomorrow! :)

      2. I just went to Al's the other day - still lots of confusion going on, but the food is definately good. My co-workers are wondering - is this the same as "Al Capone's"?

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        1. I am thrilled that Als is finally near my office... went to the new location today and had the Lady Cafe... same as the State St location just less of a jaunt for me. I noticed a few deli's along my walk- one on South St and one on Beech St (Figearos?) and was wondering if anyone has tried either of them... if so can you give a briefing on which if either is worthy of trying??

          Glad to have Al's a stones throw away from the office... definately not good for the ole waistline though!

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          1. re: MeffaBabe

            Not a fan of Deluxe Deli on South Street. I have tried it a few times and always find myself saying "Meh." I am a fan of Figaro's however. They have daily specials on their web site:


            My two favorites specials are 1) The Sam Giancana which is italian sausage, pesto, provolone and grilled onions, and 2) The Porchetta which is sliced roast pork loin, provolone cheese and carmelized onions. They also have a nice bread selection with house-made focaccia and a braided roll that is top notch.

            1. re: TomH

              I'm actually the reverse re Figaro's and Deluxe Deli. I feel like everything at Figaro's comes out of a REstaurant Depot plastic bag and that the Deluxe Deli sandwiches are fresher. Though neither is particularly amazing.

              1. re: wittlejosh

                Bumping this topic up, because it looks like Boston Deli Delux, which has been trying for a while now to get the OK from the neighborhood to open at night A) has actually been open in the evenings and B) not seems to have changed their name? Italian, I think?

                Anyone know anything about it?