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Aug 21, 2008 08:17 AM

T.Rex Taqueria, Brookline Village

Nope, it hasn't opened yet; they're hoping for next week. Despite the strange name, it has the look of everything a taqueria should be; teensy storefront painted bright colors, kitschy feel. I spoke to the owner when he was leaving yesterday, and he said they're going to have grilled fish tacos, including salmon. He says he hopes people buy them. I told him I will!

It's next door to the Mangia! pizzeria on School St. Where I had a delicious slice yesterday, but watched in horror as the owner pulled on gloves to touch my slice, pulled one off to work the register, and pulled the same glove back on to make the next sandwich...I really felt like saying, "Are you really that sure I'm not a health inspector?" I also wanted to point out that gloves cost about 2 cents a piece, even if you have to buy them in small quantities...Yuck, either use them right, or don't use them.....

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  1. This is Jim Fahey's new spot, right? (Forest Cafe mexican food joint)

    Also I thought I read it was T. Rex?

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    1. re: yumyum

      Oh, I didn't know that, and yes, it IS T.Rex...I took some Benadryl for a cold last night; I think that should explain that....;)
      I wonder if I can edit that?
      Why yes, I can!
      Anyway, now I'm even more excited about this place.....

    2. it's actually cypress st. great news on the taco front

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      1. re: xperteater

        I think Cypress St.changes to School St. at Washington St, and changes to Aspinwall at Harvard St....So, I may have been about ten feet off...sorry....

        1. re: galleygirl

          didnt mean to give you a hard time... 10 feet is exactly right... i grew up on cypress st

      2. If the prices are right it should survive off of BHS students alone.

        1. Finally got around to the special of the week tilapia tacos here. Perfectly serviceable, but underwhelming. Oversteamed soft corn-tortillas, and only one on each, so it fell apart in my hands...(Actually, it had fallen apart by the time I got it home....)
          Fish wasn't heavily fried, but it was all in bits, and mixed with the other ingredients inside; didn't seem like that much of it. . No salsa on the side, and none that I could see to add...Ah well, ony $5.50...Seemed more like a snack than a meal....