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Aug 21, 2008 08:14 AM


where can i find watercress in calgary or surrounding areas? HELP! also, lemongrass?

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  1. Any Asian market will have lemongrass.

    Please post questions as questions. Your post title makes it looks as if you're announcing where to buy watercress.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Sunterra at Westhills often have watercress.

      1. i've seen watercress at the franklin mall t&t (NE). Lemongrass is everywhere. In a pinch, i buy mine at safeway and/or coop on 11ave in connaught, but the asian supermarkets have fresher stuff.

        1. Lemongrass (almost always) and watercress (sometimes) can be found at Superstore.

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          1. At the Calgary Farmer's Market. Same stall that sells basil, small cucumbers and tomatoes. They now have live lettuces (red oak, butter) and watercress. Stall is at the front across from Walkers (a "big" fruit stand) on the left hand side of the market.

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            1. re: lynnrb

              I believe it is called Alf the Cucumber Man

              1. re: yen

                Yup, my kids love visiting Alf :) He sometimes gives them odd shaped cucumbers that he otherwise wouldn't sell (picture one shaped like a J for instance) they get a kick out of it. I usually get baby cucumbers from him. Glad to know they have lettuce now - I'll have to add that to the list of things to pick up this weekend.

            2. If you want to get both ingredients and want a place where they're regularly there...then go to T&T Supermarket. I shop for these two ingredients frequently and I just head to T&T.

              1) Pacific Place
              #800 - 999 36th St. N.E.,Store hours: Monday - Thursday 9:30 am - 10:00 pm
              Friday - Sunday 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

              2) Harvest Hills Crossing.
              #1000 - 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd. N. E.,
              Store hours: Monday - Thursday 9:30 am - 10:00 pm
              Friday - Sunday 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

              These are the only two locations here in Calgary. I hope that helps!

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              1. re: pasaker

                T&T has it for sure, if you are near one.