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Aug 21, 2008 08:14 AM

Duck Confit question

So, I have been making Duck Confit for several years now and, because it is so time intensive and keeps so well, I would like to make larger batches. However, I am always afraid to put more than about three legs into the (for lack of a better term) fat pot. I can only fit three legs in a single layer. Because of the confit jelly that collects beneath the legs, I have always thought that layering legs one on top of the other in the fat would screw up the process. Anybody want to weigh in on this?

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  1. As another confit fan (I confit anything possible!) I have layered both duck and chicken in jars and so far have had success. Man, now that you bring it up I have a sudden craving!

    1. I put two or three layers of legs in the pot. I try to have some fat between each piece of meat, but I don't think it's crucial.

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        Thanks for the input, but I am not sure I made myself clear. I am talking about when cooking, not when storing. Can you layer the legs on top of each other when simmering? (Chefathome, I know the feeling, I broke down and started some yesterday. It is much too hot out right now for this nonsense where I live, but what are you going to do? :)

      2. The recipe I use explicitly states that the duck parts can be close together, but not overlapping. So, I use the smallest possible vessel to rest the pieces in a single layer.

        1. This made me wonder if I could pressure can the confit... Stuff three or four legs in a jar, add the fat, pressure can for 90 mins.

          Has anyone tried this?

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            I've seen canned confit, but I'm skeptical about trying to do a fast version. The process depends on long, low-temperature cooking for the fat to completely displace the moisture and permeate the meat, a thing I suspect too many restaurants tend to rush, since so much I've tried has been much drier and tougher than my own.

            Which reminds me - even though it's hot out and not gonna get cooler for a long time, all this confit conversation has me itching to make some. I think I'll do turkey thighs, though; those are really good cold with a salad.