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Aug 21, 2008 08:08 AM

Jean Talon Market

This market sounds like something we should definitely see! Is it all stalls with fresh produce or are there places selling cooked food as well? If we went around lunchtime over the weekend, would there be things for the kids to eat??

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  1. Tons of cooked food in and around the market. Sausages, crepes, fried seafood, sandwiches, ice cream (Havre aux glaces!), cheese, juice, coffee, pastries (Polish prune donuts!), nuts, fruits and vegetables, boiled corn, chocolates, breads, etc. There are also several sit-down eateries in or bordering the market. Of the nearby restos, Le Petit Alep has amazingly good Syrian/Armenian food, much of which is kid-friendly. Scroll through the thread listing or do a search on Jean Talon Market for specific reccos.

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      We will be in Montreal from Sunday to Thursday morning. Is the market open weekdays and is it worth going to then? Thanks.

        1. re: mainsqueeze

          I concur. The official JTM hours are:

          Mon, Tues, Wed: 7 am - 6 pm
          Thurs, Fri: 7 am - 8 pm
          Sat: 7 am - 6pm
          Sun: 7 am - 5 pm

          There are somewhat fewer farm stands on weekdays, but all the shops are open and it's definitely still worth a visit! (And as a bonus, the aisles will be less claustrophobically crowded, as well!)

          1. re: kpzoo

            Can you tell me how far any of these markets are from the Queen Elizabeth Hotel?

            1. re: Hilary

              Jean Talon is a little too far to walk, but on the same metro line (orange) as the Queen E. You're at Bonaventure, the market is at Jean Talon Station.

              metro map:


              1. re: Hilary

                The Jean-Talon market is about a 30 min. metro ride. Hop on the metro at your hotel - you don't even have to go outside - it's the Bonaventure stop - and take the orange line in the Montmorency direction to the Jean-Talon stop. Our metro is very efficient, easy, and cheap. Do not be afraid. :-)

                see the metro map:

                see also:

                1. re: kpzoo

                  Thanks, I printed the map and looks simple. Can you tell me what and where Marche' des Saveurs is? Someone said not to miss that either.

                  1. re: Hilary

                    It's the gourmet shop in the south-east corner of the market, full of all kinds of locally-produced goodies. Don't miss it!

                    They have a site, in French only and with some of the most difficult-on-the-eyes text formatting I've ever seen:


          2. re: Hilary

            What mainsqueeze said. And to be a little more specific, the general business hours tend to be:
            M, Tu, W: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
            Th, F: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
            Sa, Su: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
            In practice, some farmers and a few stores open for business before 9 a.m. and many farmers and some stores call it a day well before 9 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. Last I checked, the Havre aux glaces ice cream store stays open to 10 p.m. every day during the warm weather season. And some neighbourhood restos -- in particular the unmissable Le Petit Alep -- are closed Sundays and Mondays.