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Aug 21, 2008 08:01 AM

St. Louis Saturday night

Hi, 5 of us are coming from New York this weekend to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday at a Cardinals game. Looking for a dinner suggestion, near downtown? Somewhere really special, great food, upscale but not too fussy.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I would probably go with Sidney Street Cafe. People will mention Niche but it is sort of trendy and unsure about your Dad. People will mention An American Place which is supposed to be fantastic ( I have not been), but I am guessing it would be "too fussy".
    I think Sidney Street is right in the middle and fantastic.


    1. The suggestion for Sidney Street Cafe is a good one and I would also make that recommendation, but it is likely that it is already fully booked for Saturday night. I would encourage you to still call though.

      An American Place is a great option and would likely have availability. It has a beautiful dining room and a very talented chef.

      Another place in a neighborhood near downtown that I would recommend is Eleven Eleven Mississippi. It is much more relaxed than An American Place and it has consistently been regarded as one of the better restaurants in St. Louis over the past 3-4 years.

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        I am sure you are right Michael and Sidney is probably very booked. I am guessing though if they are going to the ballgame they may be able to sneak in at 5, which is also probably normal dining time for dad? ; )


      2. I would agree with all the recommendations with the exception of 1111 Mississippi. It has taken a deep turn for the worse over the past couple years and I have not had a good meal or service there on the last 2 visits....and have given up on it. I would also try Carmine's Steakhouse. It's across the street from the Staduim and will have something everyone will enjoy.

        But, for our special's always Niche.

        1. Congrats on your dad's 70th, and have a great time at the game and in St. Louis. You will probably find this current thread on St. Louis ribs and steaks helpful:

          You aren't planning the dinner on Saturday night to be the same evening before the baseball game, are you? If so, it is going to compound your difficulty getting a reservation.

          Niche has fantastic food, is fairly close to downtown, but is quite loud and is probably booked. Sidney Street Cafe is an excellent choice if you can get in. An American Place is in a gorgeous room on Washington north of the riverfront. It was opened by a NYC transplant (if my info is accurate) and has had some mixed reviews and difficulty finding its audience. As a result, it offers some Chef's tasting menus that are the most elaborate and expensive in town, but also some multi-course prix fixe options at earlier hours for very reasonable prices. Please google the restaurant and check their multitude of online menus so you know what you are getting into. For your own good, avoid the pricey, flashy heavily advertised new places on the gambling boats.

          Even if you are staying downtown, you are an easy 15-minute shot west on Highway 40 from downtown to Clayton (that stretch is reopened, it is closed west of Clayton, so there is little traffic) which is the county civic and business center. I've really enjoyed two recent meals at The Crossing, my dad and mom both love Pomme, and Cardwell's is an old reliable. There was a thread less than a month ago on this board from someone staying at the Chase who wanted recommendations for the Central West End, which is a bit closer than Clayton. Harvest is an excellent restaurant a bit closer than Clayton not far from Washington U.

          Hope this helps. Please supply more specifics if we can give more info. And by all means, do get out to Ted Drewe's on the old Highway 66 for frozen custard, try a St. Louis style pizza (even if you have to sample the local chain, Imo's) and tell us yay or nay, have some toasted ravioli, and make sure the Cards win!

          1. I would suggest you simplify things and have dinner downtown. You can drop your father at any one of these restaurants, park the car nearby, join him for dinner, and it is an easy walk for a 70-year-old from any of these restaurants to the Stadium.

            1. Closest: Clark Street Grill - Danish modern interior and great food in the Westin Hotel across from the Stadium

            2. Most upscale: Kemoll's in the Metropolitan Building. I think they will pay for your parking. It is Italian and elegant in a way that a 70-year-old will find appealing.

            3. Most sports-oriented: J. Bucks downtown at 1000 Clark Street, filled with memoribilia of the famed Cardinals broadcaster.

            4. Most value priced: 400 Olive in the Hilton at the corner of 4th and Olive. A fabulous example of an elegant 1890's bank building being turned into a hotel lobby with a restaurant that has always pleased me.