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Aug 21, 2008 07:59 AM

Where to eat in Santa Barbara

We will be staying at the Harbor View Inn for 3 nights in September. Where are the best places to eat, we like Chinese, Steak, Seafood and Italian.?

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  1. walk across the street to the break water where all the boats are ad try Brophy Bro.'s, fresh seafood, great views and good drinks.
    also check out and look up places to eat, good reviews

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    1. re: afs

      unless what you want is clam chowder and a decent drink i would avoid brophy brothers. great views, good chowder, usually obnoxious crowds and ive never been too thrilled with any non-chowder offerings.

      around the other side on the wharf (opposite the harbor) is the SB shellfish co, the only waterside seafood place doing anything exciting other than taking tourists money, if you ask me.

      china pavillion is pretty good, but unless you are coming from iowa or somewhere there is no or very limited chinese i doubt youll be too impressed with any of SBs offerings, even if this (meaning China Pavillion) is probably our best spot.

    2. Some downtown choices:

      Chinese: The China Pavillion corner W Anapamu and Chapala; (Red Pepper in Goleta)

      Steak: Holdren's on Lower State Street

      Seafood: Hungry Cat - corner West Anapamu and Chapala; Sea Grass one block away from Lower State Street, going east;
      Santa Barbara Shellfish at end of the wharf; Enterprise Fish - lower State St

      Italian: Bucatini's - lower State Street; Emilio's - West Cabrillo; Ca D'ario - East Victoria, off State Street

      The 1200 block of State Street including a few blocks up or down and on either side of East and West Victoria and East and West Anapamu streets is really Ground Zero in Santa Barbara's dining world (But do not go to Epiphany or Trattoria Vittoria).

      1. Wow..some great suggestions and we will be there as well in September.
        Chase Restaurant on State is a calamari piccata and one of Julia Childs fav..
        I love to have drinks at the Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch..gorgeous stay as well but very pricey but so dang worth it!
        Have a great time..

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          I neer heard Chase was one of Julia Child's favorites, nor did she ever feature it in any shows about SB. Can you show your source of info about this claim? Thanks.

          But I do agree, the various "picattas" at Chase are flavorful, saucy and filling, though not classics. It is a long-time spot on State Street with lots to like about it .....but a fav or JChild's, I dunno. Let's respect her culinary legacy in this town with well chosen facts so proof please so I can feel comfortable also about passing on this claim.

          1. re: glbtrtr

            Our dear friends that are locals from Montecito for over 50 years used to see Julia many many times at the Chase..
            I can't name publications but I assure you that I would never just pull something out of my ass to make some frivolous claim.
            She is a legend and I have the utmost respect for her legacy!

            1. re: Beach Chick

              Julia's restaurant preferences were pretty well-known in Santa Barbara and this is the first time I have heard of anything about the Chase, or that it is even frequented by many people from Montecito. Sorry. I still would like more facts on this to associated the Chase with her legendary name in this town.

              1. re: Beach Chick

                I met Julia Child on many occasions, and she was very nice, and always left you feeling like she was genuinely interested in you. A classy broad, with a great sense of humour is what I took away.

                I really could care less if she ate at La Superica, if she liked it, or hated it. So many people repeat this factoid- it means she liked simplely prepared foods folks! It doens't mean that is the only restaurant she ever ate at in town.

                Julia Child confessed she loved MacDonalds fries- doesn't mean one has to rave that they too love them- and it ceratinly doesn't mean she ate only fries from Mickey D's.

                I suspect, Julia was just like you and me. She ate to sustain herself, had her favs- but the old bird had to eat- and maybe she did eat and even ENJOY the Chase- who cares?

                If Julia Child was so influencial to this town and its foodie credentials- I say she did nothing to raise the bar of what the city provides, even folks looking for a 1 star experience.

                It means nothing to me that she at eat the Chase, except that she too must have liked the thousands of twinkly lights as much as I do!!!!!

                RIP Julia, glad to hear you were more patriotic than I thought!!!! Go USA!

                  1. re: JalamaMama

                    well by no means lets make this all about you and how you feel about what others care about.
                    maybe some do care about what she likes and have there own opinion as this wonderful USA allows us to have.
                    seems like you say it means nothing to you way to much to have such a strong and lengthy opinion of how this really means to you

                    1. re: JalamaMama

                      Julia's Child's other alleged favorite place in Santa Barbara was the Costco hot dog, but that is in Goleta. Agree, she was captured by what is fresh, local and seasonal. La Superica was the first of its kind in SB for those who remember what "Mexican" food was in this town 30 years ago -- pretty bad, though maybe it was really good in homes and that is what the owner of La Superica wanted to share -- home made Mexican food which is a a regional art form. His grandmother stood there every day making her fresh tortillas and opened up new flavors and textures for a lot of us. I will always be grateful for La Superica bringing Santa Barbara these new taste experiences. I was one of his first customers back in the days when it was safe to ride the bikepath down State Street, across Chase Palm Park, out to the Biltmore and Coast Village Road and back up Milpas Street for a stop at LSR and then on to McConnells and the cow a few more blocks up the street for their Brazilian Coffee Chip cone to finish off the 7 mile RT ride. Wouldn't try that any more, but LSR and the always friendly owner was the welcome reward for my effort.

            2. We were there recently and decided to give Opal a try. It was very good and the prices are very reasonable. Decided to go back the next evening. Steak was very good and they have quite a variety. I though the wine list was lacking though.