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Aug 21, 2008 05:53 AM

Proposed Itinerary Cote D'Azure, Provence, Lyon, Paris

Any thoughts on our trip next month to France? We would appreaciate any comments on any of the restaurants we plan on dining at.

Day 1:
Dinner: Tetou (Golfe Juan)

Day 2
Lunch: Colombe d’Or (St. Paul de Vence)

Day 3
Lunch: Mirazur (Menton)
Dinner: Figiuer St. Espirit (Antibes)

Day 4:
Dinner: Eden Roc (Hotel du Cap)

Day 5:
Dinner: Louis XV (Monte Carlo)

Day 6:
Dinner: Moulin de Mougins

Day 7:
Drive to Lyon (via Isle-Sur-La-Sorque)
Lunch: Le Jardin du Quai – Daniel Hebet
Dinner: Paul Bocuse

Day 8:
Lunch: Le Garet (Lyon)
Dinner: Chez Brunet (Lyon)

Day 9:
Drive to Paris (via Saulieu)
Lunch: Bernard Loiseau
Dinner: L’Angle Faubourg

Day 10:
Lunch: Chez George
Dinner: L’Astrance

Day 11:
Lunch: Bistrot de L’Oulette
Dinner: Taillevent

Day 12:
Dinner: Table de Robuchon

Day 13:
Dinner: L’Amis Louis

Day 14:
Dinner: Agape

Day 15:
Lunch: Voltaire
Dinner: Apicius

Day 16:
Dinner: Ze Kitchen Galerie

Day 17:
Lunch: La Tour D’Argent
Dinner: Benoit

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm feeling stuffed just reading your list! After lunch at Loiseau, I doubt you'll be able to do justice to L'Angle du Faubourg, unless you have a "bottomless pit!" And there are several other days I wonder about, as well.

    Are you signing into the Golden Door Spa when you return???? ;>D

    You have omitted several of my favorite places in both Paris and Lyon, but everyone has their choices, and there are only so many meals in a day........

    Bon Appetit!

    1. I would try Chateau Chevre D'or in Eze, especially for lunch.

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      1. re: sethd

        Good idea ... we were there about 10 years ago, I don't remember the food, but what a location!

        1. re: sixoh

          I had the opportunity to eat at Mirazur and Louis XV this past May. Mirazur serves perhaps the most interesting and exciting food in the Area. The location is also fabulous, overlooking the Med. I had seven wonderful meals at Louis XV as well. It is definitely the most formal of all the restaurants on your list. (quite impressive by the way). The food is simple but elegantly prepared and served. If possible, ask to eat on the terrace.

          1. re: sethd

            I returned from a similar trip in May. Colombe d'Or was fabulous, as was Chateau du Chevre d'Or in Eze. Bistro de L'Oulette was very nice as well, the owner and staff are charming. I tend to agree with ChefJune, you may be pushing your day 9. Which of Loiseau's places are you reserving? I ate at his place in Burgundy in '03, unfortunately only two weeks after his untimely death. The place was running like clockwork, in spite of the tragedy.

            1. re: travelluver

              We are having lunch at the Loiseau in Saulieu. I had a friend, while visiting Chicago, had the tasting menu at Tru, then ate at Trotter's, and topped off the evening with a steak a Gibson's. He said, "I'm only in Chicago once a year, why not?" And he is of normal porportions (as am I). You just have to train for a month or two before these culinary excursions! And after.

          2. re: sixoh

            I went to Chevre d'Or 9 years ago and the food definitely did justice to the view. It still has its 2 Michelin stars and 18/20 in Gault-Millau, so I'm sure it is still fabulous.