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Aug 21, 2008 05:30 AM

Crab restaurant in Baltimore....

According to this, Sidney Ponson of the Yankees has signed up 24 of his teammates for a crab feast in Baltimore on Saturday night, Aug. 23, after the game. The question I have for the Board is, which restaurant might this be? It has to be very good, have room for 25-30 famous young millionaires, and be open at least until midnight or later.

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  1. It's probably Obryckis.

    1. I once saw Ponson & co. chowing down on crabs. I had him sign a carry-out menu, and then he was traded. Also, weirdly enough, the Little League World Series was on tv & he was transfixed watching the team from Aruba.

      But, I bet you want to know where this place is. My money is on Mr. Bills Terrace Inn.

      (And, I'd also bet that Mr. Bill himself would keep his crabhouse open as long as necessary to accommodate these overpaid bad boys.)