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Aug 21, 2008 03:02 AM

Ruth Chris or Capitol Grille

I am a new hound to the post. Ruths Chris, Pikesviille is my favorite steak house. Hubby and I will be celebrating and wondering if we should try the Capitol Grille? Thoughts?

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  1. CG has a nice atmosphere and good food. I prefer it to RC. You'll enjoy it!!!! The steaks are delicious!

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      They do a great job with seafood too. At my last CG meal (in Milwaukee of all places) I got the RI fried calamari, the wedge salad, and the seared tuna. Didn't miss the red meat one bet.

    2. I think Capital Grille is much better than Ruth Chris. The porcini crusted Ribeye is a homerun as is their lobster bisque. I've loved all the sides I've had as well and the gf is a big fan of their wedge salad. Service is always top notch and you gotta love how they give you a black or white napkin depending on the outfit you're wearing. Give CG a try

      1. If you want great try the Prime Rib!!!

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          I'd second this suggestion for steak in Baltimore. But comparing capital grille and ruth chris, I've enjoyed Capital Grille more the few times I've been.

          Some people tell me that the Ruth Chris restaurants sometimes are different per location. I've personally never been to the Pikesville one, only the water street one.

          1. re: Wangus

            Ever consider Flemings? The steaks are terrific. The veal chop is one of the best. Fantastic (and huge) fried onion rings and/or mushroom "fries". They, also offer a black or white napkin. FoiGras

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              I've been to Flemings in Tysons Corner and still prefer CG to it