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Aug 21, 2008 01:58 AM

Bandera in Corona Del Mar--Fries??

I know that the Bandera restaurants (Hillstone group) took off skinny fries from their menu at one time but I was wondering if they brought them back? I'm planning on going to the Corona Del Mar location this weekend and was reallly hoping that they serve them since I absolutely love Houston's fries. I just checked the menu from their website and they don't have fries listed anywhere...Do any of you hounds have the answer to my question?

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  1. They brought them back at least a couple of years ago (at least as far as the Brentwood location is concerned) after a fairly brief hiatus and a lot of griping by their customers.

    And just to be completely accurate, they took french fries off their menu. They have never had other than the skinny fries they originally served (modeled on the Houston's fries) and have on the menu once again. I recall the first time I found myself looking at our waitress like she was speaking Martian or Venutian as she told me they didn't serve fries any longer. "Say what?" I even had the manager come over and I admit I wasn't exactly PC with him as I basically said "Have you all lost your minds?"

    1. No fries at Corona Del Mar Bandera, just the Brentwood location

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        Crown them dunces in Corona Del Mar.

      2. Maybe you could try Gulfstream, it's owned by the same company and according to their web site, they have thin cut french fries on their menu. It is just down the street from Bandera.

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          Great skinny fries, awesome crab cakes - I think the best in OC (only Sat night, I believe, though) & love the Tues BBQ Shrimp special!

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            Also Cafe R&D (also owned by Hlllstone) is across the way in Fashion Island. They have great fries.

          2. Thanks to all of you who answered! Gulfstreams and R&D sound great but I've really been wanting to try Bandera's cornbread that people have been absolutely raving about!..decisions decisions

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              i'm at the cdm location frequently. never had the fries but their ribs are out of this world. they're succulent, unbelievably tender, well seasoned, and are individually cooked i believe (not as a rack) so they're not a mess to eat. in fact i might have to go tonight just from talking about them... highly recommend for anyone at the table who is feeling carnivorous.

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                Bandera does beef ribs so that's why they don't come as a "rack" of ribs. They are quite tasty however.

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                  well that explains it. i've never cooked beef ribs so my only experience with them is on my plate at a restaurant. the things you learn...

            2. We live just a couple of miles away from Bandera and go there often. Never had the fries there. I love their sliced lamb sandwich with roasted peppers and arrugula. The glossy roll that it is served on is just delicious. I know what you mean about the corn bread. In some of their salads, they have corn bread croutons made, of course, out of their house corn bread. We always sit at the bar for dinner. Always great service.