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zwack unicum

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any one know where to find it in boston?

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  1. I've had my eye out for it for a while locally without finding it. Even the places with a good selection of bitters -- Martignetti's in the North End and in Brighton, Blanchard's in Allston -- don't carry it. It may be one of those rarities that just isn't distributed in Massachusetts; I can't get Antica Formula vermouth anywhere, either. Might be worth a call to Brix Wine Shop (South End and Financial District); they'll special-order anything for a premium.

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      it just became available in the us again about a year ago or longer just haven't seen it boston.... but as striper guy even asks, thats been the response all over.

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        The liquor store on Hanover doesn't have it..looked at me like I had 2 heads..:)

        Had to console myself with a bottle of Fernet Branca.

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          forunately you have 2 people on here that wouldn't look at you like that!!!

      2. Course it would help if you told us what Zwack Unicum is...

        Never fear wiki to the rescue:


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          It's in the Fernet Branca school of "so bitter you can't think while you're tasting it". Not for the faint of heart.

        2. Boy, the Wiki definition makes me think it would be available in the liquor sections of Bazaar, or maybe Baza, that new place in Newton....

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            interesting... i will look into that.

          2. Just bought a bottle at Cirace's on Richmond St in the NE. There's a few left..:)

            1. spotted this at Marty's Newton on Monday.

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                thank you!

              2. I am wandering how did you make out with the unicum. I am looking for this for a while and could not find any in Eastern Massachussetts. I talk to a hungarian specialty store (Otto) in California and he said sent back to hungary a container unicum because could not sold it. He said it is too bitter for most Americans. Online I found a Company advertizing it "Internet Wines and liquors" for $29 however, the bottle had the red cross and said zwack on it, but it is a sweet liquor (not even a little bitter) which is undrinkable for me. So only the bottle is similar to the hungarian unicum but not the drink. Please reply!

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                  read my post; 3 above yours and ponyboy's; 2 up

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                    also saw it at Bina Alimentari today.

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                      In general they have some interesting, little-seen amari at Bina, like Nardini "Tagliatella", one of those grappa-maker sideline products that's quite unusual and delicious. A bit fruity (cherries, maybe?), but still with some herbal complexity, like a lighter version of some of the sweeter amari like Averna and Abano.


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                        Nardini Amaro reminds me of chocolate mint...

                2. Marty's in Allston has usually had it...

                  1. Do you have friends in Canada?
                    In Ontario, you can still get Original Unicum in 500ml bottles for about $22 CDN from the provincial liquor store, the LCBO.

                    This is NOT the cherry-sweetened product (called 'Unicum Next' in Europe) that is selling around here in a similarly-shaped bottle marked 'Zwack Liqueur'.

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                      Marty's in Newton usually carries it and I have had good good luck at the New Hampshire liquor store on 95 southbound just over the border. Now if only some of our finer drinking establishments would start carrying it and creating great drinks like those at Death and Co in NYC and Zig Zag in Seattle.

                      1. re: iloveporkbelly

                        I hope you're just talking about Unicum cocktails. I haven't been to Zig Zag, but I'd say the mixology at Drink is at least the equal of what they're doing at Death and Co., Unicum or no.


                        1. re: MC Slim JB

                          I agree whole heartedly. Just wish they had unicum. Misty is the one that set me up when I went to Death and Co.

                        2. re: iloveporkbelly

                          If you like Zig Zag in Seattle, you should try Spur (in Seattle) next time you're out there...even the bartenders at Drink would find Spur's stuff very interesting (better yet, get down to Teardrop in Portland OR)

                      2. This facebook link shows places that carry it on a google map.


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                          That seems like its for Zwack which is the syrupy non-bitter cousin of their Unicum product.

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                            There's a big marketing push in Boston on behalf of Zwack, many bars running promos for it. I think that stuff is really weak, an obvious Jagermeister knockoff aimed at, well, the kind of kids who think doing multiple Jager shots is a good idea. Terrible stuff, and I'm really disheartened at the rumor that distribution of Unicum, their original product and a great one, a serious bitters, will be discontinued in the US so they can flog this dreck.


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                              Is Zwack actually selling the new, apparently crappier Unicum (Unicum Next?) in the same bottles formerly used for the original Unicum? Can someone clue me in on how (or if) the appearance of the bottles of the original and new products differ in the States?