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Aug 21, 2008 12:30 AM

Mitchell's ice cream, SF report

Just back from Mitchell's ice cream. It's good for tropical fruit flavors & standard flavors.

Get your number inside on the Left from the ticket machine. Then wait for your number to be called.

I asked how many I could sample & the guy said 10. I only tried 5 though. Peach, mango, a fruit flavor from Peru, blood orange, and the flavor of the month: dulce de leche. I liked them all.

I ended up getting Cantaloupe in a regular cake cone for $2.65 - so no tax. It's as written: $2.65 for Single Scoop.

You can use your credit/ATM card w/ purchase over $9.

No public bathrooms here!

Mitchell's Ice Cream
688 San Jose Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. I was just there for the first time. I had been planning to stop at Bi-Rite (my mouth was watering thinking of the interesting flavors like orange cardamom and salty caramel), but was running late and as we were passing through south SF, lo, there was Mitchell's! I remembered hearing about it, so I decided to stop there instead.

    The flavors aren't as gourmet as Bi-Rite, but they have a lot of flavors that would seem run of the mill if you were, say, Filipino or Mexican. Although now that I think of it, they didn't have my Mexican favorite, chamoy. But there's ube and macapuno and Mexican chocolate and the aforementioned dulce de leche. Btw, the Peruvian fruit flavor is lucuma; I got a taste and it was a bit richer than I had been expecting; I had lucuma jam in Peru and thought of it as a rather light-tasting fruit. Also tasted Thai iced tea (ice cream), which tasted just like the beverage.

    I got Mexican chocolate, dulce de leche and strawberries and cream (They also had peaches and cream, another seasonal flavor). The ice cream was a bit melty by the time I got to it, so I can't speak to the texture, but I liked the strawberries and cream the most, followed by the dulce de leche with its rich veins of caramelized milk. Mexican chocolate was good, but I didn't care for it next to the other two; it would have been better on its own. Nice intense chocolate flavor spiced with cinnamon.

    It was quite crowded on a chilly Saturday afternoon.

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    1. re: Cicely

      I've been let down by the Mexican Chocolate and Thai Tea flavors lately.

      Both were too creamy, and lacked the right kick. The Mex. Chocolate was more like a strange choc. flavor with barely enough cinnamon to even distinguish what it was. It made me want a thicker chocolate or another flavor entirely. It's obvious they're using base flavors and trying to doctor them to fit, but it didn't work. Almost tastes to me like they're not entirely blended, with a rubber/icy texture.

      I've become a much bigger fan of their less frilly flavors as a result.

    2. In the fall they have the best pumpkin. How was the blood orange? Was that ice cream or sherbert?

      Mitchell's Ice Cream
      688 San Jose Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

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      1. re: rworange

        I think the blood orange was a sherbert, I'm not sure. I was hoping it would be a sorbet actually. Not what I was expecting it was sweet & more like ice cream. Not that good.

      2. Last week I did my twice a year San Jose Ave. pig out

        Started at Roxie's and had the "Roxie" Special Sandwich (always excellent)

        Then drove down San Jose Ave. to Mitchell's and had a scoop of Mint chip.

        Two of SF's must eats within a hour!

        Always good for a extra few pounds and a smile on your face.

        1. Since I love good mangoes, a friend brought me a tub of their mango ice cream; we all thought it was lacking in flavor. I gave the rest to the neighbor kids.

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          1. re: walker

            I don't like the waxy film their ice cream leaves in my mouth. I love their macapuno flavor, but I wish somebody would put it in better ice cream.

            1. re: walker

              Yes, mango is one of the weakest Mitchell's flavors. I liked the mango from Real Ice Cream in Santa Clara. It uses alphonso mangoes in the base. Bombay in the Mission carries/scoops some of Real's flavors, but I dont' know if it has the mango or not.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Sounds delicious - alphonso mangoes. I've only used my Krups ice cream maker about 3 times, about 6 years ago but recently made blackberry w/creme de cassis again. Really delicious. Next, I'm going to make pear with pear brandy -- recipe from China Moon. That Poire Wm is very expensive, I bought a miniature bottle from BevMo for $7.50 -- maybe good for 2 small batches. I think I'll try to find Bartletts when they are smelling good. I love the fruit at Monterrey Mkt in Berkeley.

                1. re: walker

                  I should clarify that the alphonsos are canned. You can buy the puree at Indian grocery stores, if you want to experiment or use it make mango lassis. Your ice cream experiments sound fabulous. Hope you'll come to the Chowing with the Hounds picnic next month and share!

            2. both coconut flavors are worth a try ( cannot remember their official names, but one is "baby" and the other one ... not baby?) Anyhow -the best flavored coconut ice cream i have had, not necessarily the best texture.

              tried cantelope and thought it was interesting...

              has anyone tried the gelato place on 9th ave just south or irving? that is one of my far and away favorites... they also have a coconut, as well as other flavors - all the ones ih ave tried have been great

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              1. re: BoomerCB

                Buko (regular) and macapuno ("sport").

                1. re: BoomerCB

                  re: gelato place on 9th - they don't make gelato themselves but sell stuff made by a couple of places (iirc at least one of them is in Berkeley, forgot the names, but worth asking). The goat cheese gelato was interesting, dense, somewhat goaty, pleasant overall, and certainly very enjoyable, though not something that would make me abandon Laloo's. The Condoleezza Rice Pudding did indeed resemble rice pudding, with a cinnamony touch.

                  1. re: limster

                    That's Holy Gelato, selling Latest Scoop and others,

                    Holy Gelato
                    1392 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA

                    1. re: limster

                      Latest Scoop has a few flavors that are excellent like the spumoni. At one time they made a pear gelato for Pear Street Bistro that was fabulous. I wish they would sell that regularily.