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Food Recommendations for Jacque-Imo's?

A group of 4 of us will be going to Jacque-Imo's for dinner Thursday and we plan on getting there right when it opens so that we can avoid any wait.

It'll be our first time and I'd love to hear recommendations for appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

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  1. Not a fan of Jacques but their fried chicken is quite good.

    1. check to make sure they are open. they were closed last Sat. when I drove by. they may still be on summer break.

      1. Second the fried chicken. Also get Godzilla Meets Fried Green Tomatoes, if it's on the menu. The cheesecake is a good appetizer.

        1. i think the salmon is outta site! it's stuffed with some kind of sauteed mushrooms and served atop a black bean sauce and ginger cream sauce. the sauces are distinct, side by side, achieving a sort of yin yang effect. the mushrooms have a little sweetness to them, maybe resulting from a little marsala wine or something of that sort.

          1. They have a wild mushroom appetizer that is just fabulous.

            1. Their fried chicken is good. Otherwise, I'm never very satisfied with the entrees there. Make a couple of apps your dinner. Or, my BF loves their Cajun Bouillabaisse if you can get them to add scallops to it.

              1. I can't believe no one has said the "deep fried roast beef po-boy", It is sinful, of course I could probably eat a tennis shoe if it was deep fried, but this is a can't miss.

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                  Okay, the tennis shoe idea made me laugh - because I agree!

                2. I'd second (or third) the fried chicken

                  1. im all about the alligator cheesecake app. for entrees i often get the seafood stuffed pork chop.

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                      another vote for alligator cheesecake it's the best thing you will ever put in your mouth.. the tuna with the shampagnay and brie sauce is one of my fav's. godzilla meets fried green tomatoes is a good one also but they have only had it once in all of my times eating there. most people on this board dont like it but i love it and would eat there every week if i could. i have never had a bad meal there. when i go i like to sit in the back room its like a patio that they enclosed with stain glass windows.

                    2. The BBQ shrimp is very good. It's served over rice, which was a good excuse to eat more of the sauce.

                      1. So we went and the food was just ok. I was expecting it to taste better! The stuffed pork chop tasted gamey, which is strange. The braised ribs were too fatty, and the fried chicken was good but nothing special. However, the eggplant pirogue with seafood was nice. The sides were ok, except for the beans.

                        We did enjoy the terrific bread pudding and creme brulee.

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                          I think that's a fair assesment. It's nothing great, that's for sure. It's just one of the few mid-priced places to get local food.

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                            I don't really consider it "mid-priced" though! It's pricey!

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                              Agree. Mid priced in new orleans proper is still pretty high.

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                            I do agree that the emperor has no clothes! Why on earth this place still packs 'em in is something I truly don't understand.

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                              well, IMO, its not known for awesome food (tho i do like the pork chop and love the alligator cheesecrack) -- its known for being a unique atmosphere thats a lot of fun (where else have you seen a table in a pickup truck!? or a second-line marching thru the dining room?). going there w/ a group or even on a date has always been a lot of fun.

                            2. The alligator cheesecake is the app to start with. The beggar's purse is fabulous for an entree as well as the acorn squash with seafood. The godzilla meets fried green tomatos is good but not great by any stretch.