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Aug 20, 2008 09:24 PM

First Anniversary Dinner in Southern NH

Hey NH hounds!

could use a little help. NY hound is moved up here to New Hampshire (Manchester to be precise) for a few months for work. I'll be up here during my first anniversary, and my wife will be joining me. I'm an omnivore, she's a pescatarian (only fish with scales though). Willing to travel to Portsmouth, Nashua, Concord, etc. probably up to an hour, though not up for a trip to Boston. I don't actually have a jacket, but do have dress pants and a tie. Thoughts? Also, for myself, looking for Jewish and Eastern European foodstuffs, Latino food, good onion rings and fried chicken.

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  1. For Latin, steak, seafood I would recommend Brazo in Portsmouth. I've never been, but have heard good things. Here's a link to their website, so you can see their menu:

    And for casual Eastern European foodstuffs (not anniversary) eats try Lala's Hungarian in Manchester.

    You're on your own for the onion rings and fried chicken . . .

    1. In Manchester & environs: Richard's Bistro, Bedford Village Inn, CR Sparks. In Nashua: Michael Timothy's or Surf. In Concord: The Centennial Inn. Portsmouth: The Wentworth by the Sea. My personal choice would be Michael Timothy's--it's intimate, classy, with excellent food and very good service. Nowhere in NH do you need to wear a jacket to dinner except maybe The Balsams. As for Jewish food--you have to go to Brookline MA for the nearest deli, not a decent bagel to be had in NH. There is an Eastern European grocery in Manchester called the Bartlett Street Superette that sells pierogi, Polish sausages and bread. Lala's Hungarian Bakery is on Elm Street--they serve stuffed cabbage, schnitzel, goulash, and I hear the onion rings are good.

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        Lala's has onion rings? (They have great dessert crepes too!) I really like that place.

      2. I'm with WHS - hit it right on for the best in those areas to celebrate. I would even narrow it down to Michael Timothy's in Nashua or The Centennial Inn in Concord (Granite Restaurant). My two favs.

        1. If you're in Manchester, and your wife is a fishfood person, I would have to say try Commercial Street Fishery. Its on Commercial down by the stadium, and it has a nice relxed atmosphere with impressive fish quality. I would also add a vote for Michael Timothy's, and Mathatten on Pearl is a great place to get a drink before dinner. I have had one of the worst 'white table cloth' meals of my life at Granite Restaurant in Concord, so I can't recommend it. I would be especially careful if your wife only eats fish as my fish entree was over-cooked, my tuna app. was over-spiced and the dessert wasn't anything to write home about.

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            Ohhh, don't say. Either yours was a way off night for them or mine was (I had one of the best dining experiences in a long time, there). I'll have to try them again.

            I didn't care for Commercial St. Fishery but love Surf in Nashua (also owned by Michael Timothy's Group) for great seafood.

            Also forgot to mention Cotton in Manchester, another very nice pick.

          2. You guys are great! It's looking like we may be headed to Seacoast/Portsmouth for saturday. Any recs for around there?

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              For an anniversary dinner in Portsmouth, the usual suspects are Black Trumpet , Pesce Blue , Dunaway, Dolphin Striker Dunaway has been getting some negative input on this board lately. Oar House has an outdoor deck overlooking the harbor If you want fancy schmancy, Wentworth-by-the-Sea has the Dining Room which is more formal, or Latitudes, a more casual place overlooking the marina If you are from NY, food quality in Portsmouth will not bowl you over, but any of these places should be pleasant.